Thank You, 50th Anniversary Pressure: Star Trek Reportedly Coming Back to TV


We can’t really pick which TV shows get officially revived and which don’t. Sure, we can Kickstarter a Veronica Mars wrap-up movie into existence, but we can’t do the same for Pushing Daisies because its proposed budget would be somewhere between five and ten times what Veronica Mars needed. We can celebrate when Fox announces a 6-episode limited series revival

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That Friday the 13th TV Series Is Apparently Still Happening & It’s Going to Be Very Meta


Straight from the “Oh, they’re still doing that?” department comes news that producer Sean Cunningham is indeed still trying to make a Friday the 13th TV series. Nearly a year ago, Deadline first reported that Cunningham and several others were “developing a story line which re-imagines Jason Voorhees in multiple time periods” in the hopes of appealing both to existing

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iZombie’s “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” (S1,EP2) & Meeting New Frenemies


iZombie is such a strange show. It is essentially a USA procedural airing on the CW, but narrated by a lead actress who comes off like Veronica Mars’ slightly more sullen sister. If Psych, Veronica Mars, and Pushing Daisies had a freaky threeway resulting in a zombie baby it would be iZombie. That’s not really a good or bad thing. It

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The Flash’s “Rogue Time” (S1,EP16) & Admiring the Time Travel of It All


Oh, I see what you did there, Flash, calling this episode “Rogue Time.” Half of the episode really is just about getting Captain Cold, Heatwave, and the newly introduced Golden Glider much closer to being the oddly noble group of comic book villains known as the Rogues, but the other half is focused more on Barry’s first adventure with time

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About That One Time Sean Penn Tied Madonna to a Chair & Tormented Her for Hours


By the time Sean Penn shuffled out on the stage of Hollywood’s Dolby Theater to present the Best Picture Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, one of the people I saw live-tweeting the show quickly joked, “And now Mr. Chuckles will bring this home.” It had been an overly long ceremony, and Penn’s grim, non-smiling face was the perfect

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Box Office: 5 Main Takeaways from the Performances of Insurgent & The Gunman


When the initial studio estimates came in Sunday morning, we were looking at a tie: Insurgent had managed to more or less match Divergent’s $54.3m from the same weekend last year. It was a definite, “Um, is that good or bad?” situation. Elsewhere, The Gunman bombed because Sean Penn is not Liam Neeson, especiall when not even Liam Neeson can

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Why Is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Considered a Failure, But X-Men: Days of Future Past Is Not?


A little over 6 months before X-Men: Days of Future Past came out we heard that it had become the second most expensive film in the nearly 80 year history of 20th Century Fox, trailing only Avatar, which officially cost nearly $240 million to make although insiders have long since claimed the real cost was closer to $310 million. That

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Interstellar’s Ending Could Have Been Slightly Different, Not Necessarily Better


Some people thought Interstellar‘s ending was confusing.  I personally thought it came off like a Steven Moffat-penned Doctor Who episode, and as a big Doctor Who fan I was more or less prepared for that brand of weirdness.  Some people thought Interstellar‘s ending was overly sentimental, upending a film so meticulously built on hard science as well as theoretical physics

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