Halloween Costume Idea: An Obsessively Chronicled 80s Movie Costume Guide


Holy crap, Halloween is one week away! That means I have candy to buy, inevitably overestimating just how many kids will come trick-or-treating this year, horror film marathons to curate, Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” marathons to enjoy, and the ever vexing choice of which costume to wear. Of course, as a guy my costume conundrum is nothing compared to the

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TV Review: Arrow, “Corto Maltese” (S3,EP3) – Laurel Is the New Kickass?

Arrow Corto2

Whoever holds Sara Lance’s black leather jacket, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of…Black Canary! Oy, if only it were that easy. The moment Sara’s Canary mask fell at Laurel’s feet we knew that meant the baton had been passed, that some point soon Laurel will metaphorically lift that mask off the ground and become Black Canary. Sara’s

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Avengers: Age of Ultron’s “Dark Sequel” Trailer Arrives Early, But Are They Pulling Another Iron Man 3 On Us?


Remember when we all first saw the Iron Man 3 trailer and wondered why it looked like such a Christopher Nolan impression? The joke-y, devil-may-care Tony Stark had somehow been replaced by a traumatized shell of his former self, and the franchise’s standard “guy in big metal suit” villain was gone in favor of some post-9/11 terrorist type, played as

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TV Review: The Flash, “Things You Can’t Outrun” (S1,EP3) – So Corny, So Charming

Flash Things You Can't Outrung

You just can’t resist doing it, right? When your superhero show is all about a man who can run really, really fast every impulse you have is to eventually go with, “But what could ole Barry never outrun, no matter how hard he tried? His emotions!” You extend that basic idea out to several of the supporting characters (poor Caitlin,

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Box Office: Fury Top of the Domestic Chart, But Have You Heard What Guardians of the Galaxy is Doing in China?


Here’s what happened at the domestic box office this weekend: Fury did pretty much identical numbers as the last notable WWII flick (The Monuments Men), Gone Girl kept its foot on The Judge‘s poor neck, Book of Life did Boxtrolls-like biz which means it’s more of a “Wait and see” and less of a “Instant hit,” and Best of Me showed

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Better Not Suck – Marveling at Warner Bros.’ Decision to Go All In On Its DC Films


Earlier today, Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara appeared at something called Time Warner Investor Day with two clear goals: appease the company’s investors, and steal some of Disney-Marvel’s thunder. That last part definitely worked on me. After all, today was going to be when I put together my thoughts on the prospect of a Captain America 3 co-starring Iron Man

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Could We Be Any More Excited? No, Seriously, Are We Excited About Friends Re-Runs Coming to Netflix?


I didn’t understand what the big deal was about FXX’s “every episode ever, non-stop, across 12 days” marathon of The Simpsons last month. Sure, I adore The Simpsons, regularly quote it with friends and relatives, and have let it influence my comic sensibilities far more than I sometimes realize. I vaguely recall having Simpsons bed sheets at one point. I

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TV Review: The Flash, “Fastest Man Alive” – A Thoroughly Second Episode of a TV Show

Fasted man Alive

Can I get away with simply writing, “It was a second episode of a TV show” for my review of The Flash’s “Fastest Man Alive”? Probably not or else my review would already be over, but it is a thought which occurred to me multiple times while watching “Fastest Man Alive” last night. Second episodes of TV shows can often

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