The New Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Footage Has an Injustice: Gods Among Us Feel To It

Injustice gods among us

Oh, that rascally Batman.  He just makes Superman so angry.  When Superman gets like that, he flashes his best “I am super, super pissed, bro” face while marching towards you and ripping your mask off. Sure, he could use his X-Ray vision to simply scan through your mask to learn your identity, but where’s the fun in that?  No, he

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Rumors of the Moment: Flash/Supergirl Crossover, Return of Constantine, Multiple Teen Titans Projects


Congratulations to everyone at Supergirl.  CBS just ordered seven more episodes bringing the season total up to 20, thus qualifying as a full season.  Up, up and… Wait, what’s this now about the ratings?  Funny thing.  Supergirl took off like a true and proper superhero soaring through the air with the ratings for the pilot, the most-watched premiere of the

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Mockingjay, Good Dinosaur, Creed & Frankenstein: 4 Key Takewaways from the Thanksgiving Box Office


Mockingjay was #1, The Good Dinosaur was good, but not great, Creed exceeded expectations, much like its titular character.  Victor Frankenstein had technically one of the worst openings of all time.  Those are the bullet points from the Thanksgiving weekend box office, and the exact totals are included in the table at the bottom of this article. Here are 4

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How Straight Outta Compton Inspired One Of Creed’s Best Moments


Spoilers for Creed below. You’ve been warned. Don’t go into Creed expecting to hear those signature Rocky trumpets playing during montages or boxing scenes.  Instead, wait for them to arrive at just the right moment.  You’ll find yourself wanting to stand up and cheer when they do.  It’s one of the best moments in the entire film, and it almost

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Captain America: Civil War – Not the Overstuffed Mess We Were Worried About

Cap Civil War 2 on 1

Almost exactly one year ago to the day, I published a lengthy essay analyzing the ways in which the Marvel Studios sequels often don’t quite match up with their predecessors, concluding, “When your movie ends on a rally cry, such as Jane Foster making a breakthrough in her search for Thor and Captain American pledging to go after the Winter

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A Binge-Watcher’s Diary: Melted Toy Soldiers & Rescued Barbies in Jessica Jones (Eps. 4-6)


Spoilers ahead for Jessica Jones’s fourth (“99 Friends”), fifth (“The Sandwich That Saved Me”) and sixth (“You’re a Winner!”) episodes. In this era of streaming TV, we so often find ourselves talking to friends who are either several episodes behind us or maybe many episodes ahead of us. Telling us which season or individual episode you are on is sometimes

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Is Thor: Ragnarok Really The Time to Bring Out The Laughs?


There’s a new Thor movie coming out in 2017 (11/3/17, to be exact).  It’s called Thor: Ragnarok.  Chris Hemsworth thinks they should finally make a truly irreverent, Guardians of the Galaxy-esque Thor movie.  They’ve done Shakespeare (Thor). They’ve done sci-fi Game of Thrones (Thor: The Dark World). Why not follow James Gunn’s lead for how to approach outerspace shenanigans? Here

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A Kids Show No More: What Does (Insert Spoiler Event Here) Say About Doctor Who Now?


I feel like this is a given, but I am discussing “Face the Raven,” the most current episode of  Doctor Who. As a result, spoilers will be present. I wouldn’t read this if you haven’t seen it or have any issues with spoilers. So, the rumors that have been circulating for months turned out to be true. Saturday night’s episode of

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