Cartoon Superman & Batman Hilariously Assess Today’s Reboot-Obsessed Comic Book Movies

How It Should Have Batman Superman

A little over 5 years passed between the Tobe Maguire Spider-Man and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man. By the time Marvel Studios’ re-booted Spider-Man arrives, likely in a cameo in Captain America: Civil War, almost exactly two years will have passed since Andrew Garfield was denied the chance to finish his trilogy. Less than 4 years will have passed between the Christian

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Community: Age of Yahoo Is Almost Upon Us, But, Seriously, What the Heck Is Yahoo Screen?


If not for a 40-minute phone call between Kathy Savitt and Dan Harmon last June, what I am about to say would have never been possible: The new trailer for season 6 of Community is here!  There’s no Donald Glover or Yvette Nicole Brown, Chevy Chase is long gone, Gillian Jacobs’ Britta isn’t a blonde anymore, and two people who’ve

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Making Sense of the Arrow/Flash Spin-Off To Be Headlined By Brandon Routh, Wentworth Miller, Caity Lotz & Victor Garber


I don’t hold back on any Arrow/Flash spoilers in this article.  So, if you’re not up to date on either show you’ve been warned. Several years from now you might find yourself watching the CW and realize, “The CW so gradually morphed into the DC Comic Book channel that I didn’t even notice.” First there was Arrow which gave birth

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Behind the Scenes of Whiplash: Real Life Fletchers, Live Drumming & Lost Girlfriends


Starring J.K. Simmons as the overbearing music school teacher Dr. Terence Fletcher mentoring an aspiring jazz drummer (Miles Teller), Whiplash takes on the usually flowery musical-prodigy genre to reveal that you can’t just practice, practice, and practice to get to Carnegie Hall, so to speak. You have to endure a physically abusive mentor, and drum until your fingers literally bleed

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Arrow’s “Nanda Parbat” (S3,EP15) & The Search for Oliver Queen’s Brain

Arrow Nanda Parbat2

In his review of “Nanda Parbat” for the AV Club, Alasdair Wilkins concludes, “If there were ever a time for Oliver to be tempted by Ra’s al Ghul’s offer, this might honestly be it.” Now that pretty much everyone knows Oliver is the Arrow his extended family of crime fighters is ever growing, and they’re not all willing to fall

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Box Office: The 7 Major Films With Bigger Second Weekend Drop-Offs Than 50 Shades of Grey


At one point in Birdman, a particularly influential New York Times critic derides modern Hollywood for measuring its worth in single weekends, a reference to the way film box office has become so opening weekend-dependent. Well, if you measure 50 Shades of Grey on its opening weekend alone it’s an almost disgustingly humongous success story. It made $85.1 million in

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And Now James Gunn Steps Forward to Defend Comic Book Movies From Birdman & Dan Gilroy


James Gunn just took to his Facebook page to defend comic book movies.  As you’d expect from the man who made Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s kind of awesome.  But, first, the set-up: Look, comic book movies are doing just fine for themselves at the moment, even with Sony’s on-going drama with Spider-Man.  The bubble hasn’t actually burst yet, although

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