Confused By the Terminator: Geniysis Super Bowl Ad? Allow Me to Explain


In their reaction to the new Terminator: Geniysis Super Bowl ad, Vulture pleaded, “Can someone explain to us what exactly is happening in this trailer for the new Terminator? Arnold’s back, we get that, but why are there so many of him? And why are some old (silver-fox Arnold!) while others are young and others are bare-chested? Can’t wait to

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TV Review: Arrow, “Midnight City” (S3,Ep11) – Please, Stop the Insanity, Tell Quentin About Sara!

Arrow Canary

After Arrow’s first season, the producers were not satisfied with what they had accomplished. In their estimation, they had failed to sufficiently center all of the storylines around Oliver thus making it feel like, as they put it, Laurel and Thea were sometimes off in their own show. In season 2, they tried much harder to tie everything together, using

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They’re Finishing Mission Impossible 5 Early? I Didn’t Even Know They’d Started Filming Yet!


When I first saw the headlines that Paramount Pictures was moving the release date for Mission Impossible 5 I naturally assumed they were pushing it back.  I hadn’t really heard anything about the movie since Christopher McQuarrie was announced as director and Paramount laid claim to December 23, 2015 as a release date.  Then Star Wars: The Force Awakens picked

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TV Review: The Flash, “The Sound and The Fury” (S1,EP11) – That Tom Cavanagh Guy? He’s Pretty Good

Flash Pied Piper Fight

The Flash‘s mantra is that there will always be more story to tell.  That’s what the producers told Tom Cavanagh when he asked if they were perhaps moving a little too fast.  Why hold back when tomorrow is not guaranteed?  Of course, they’re getting a second season meaning tomorrow is definitely guaranteed, but they didn’t know that when they planned

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Just Don’t Think of It As a Ghostbusters Movie – The Rumored Plot & Official Cast of Paul Feig’s All-Female Ghostbusters


From the second Paul Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot was announced, my reaction was that it helped if you simply didn’t think of it as a Ghostbusters movie.  If you could have just told me that the guy who created Freaks and Geeks and directed Bridesmaids and The Heat was teaming up with The Heat‘s young screenwriter Katie Dippold on an

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Box Office: How American Sniper Courted the Military, Boy Next Door Focused On Latinas & Mortdecai Failed


We are starting to get more of a look at the ingenious marketing Warner Bros. employed in securing its mammoth business for American Sniper, and the hyper-focused marketing Universal used to turn Boy Next Door into just the latest highly profitable Jason Blum movie.  In both cases they had a plan, a clear strategy, whereas Lionsgate’s efforts for Mortdecai mostly

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We Have Turned on Johnny Depp, But Maybe His Next Movie Will Win Us Back

Depp Mortdecia2

In Mortdecai, Johnny Depp trades in Keith Richards’ hand-me-downs (Pirates of the Caribbean), pancake makeup (Alice in Wonderland) and vampire fangs (Dark Shadows), and birds on his head (Lone Ranger) for a fancy mustache as a signifier of his hopefully delightful quirkiness. I’m not exaggerating. That freakin’ mustache of his has actually been a centerpiece of the film’s marketing campaign.

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TV Review: Arrow, “Left Behind” (S3,EP10) – Arrow Without Arrow Is Surprisingly Compelling


In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Amell admitted that his Facebook page went crazy the instant Oliver surprisingly “died” in the Arrow mid-season finale, “My Facebook page blew up. And it’s busy to begin with. So when I say it blew up, it blew up. I was getting posts on my page-long notes on my page every

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