Lucy Laid The Smack Down On The Rock, But What Does That Mean for The Future of Action Heroine Movies?

Lucy ScarJo

Over the weekend, Scarlett Johansson laid the smack down on The Rock’s candy ass, sending him straight to the heartbreak hotel (Yep, those are a couple of The Rock’s old catch phrases; in a former life, I was a huge WWF fan), scoring an impressive $43.8 million debut for Lucy vs. a not-great sub-$30 million for Hercules.  This is being dubbed

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Comic-Con – Arrow Mostly Re-Confirms What We Already Knew But Wows with a Kick-Ass Season 3 Trailer


After all of the season 3 news Arrow‘s producers revealed to reporters at last week’s Televisions Critics Association (TCA) Summer Press Tour what more, really, was there to share at their Comic-Con panel? That depends.  Do you want more in the way of spoilers for the upcoming season?  Well, there was very little of that kind of thing on display.  However,

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Batman 75: How We Almost Got a Bruce Wayne Origin Series Instead of Smallville


Here’s an idea for a TV show: a young cop battles corruption in the big city, surrounded by colorful villains and dirty cops, leaving him unsure of whether or not he can even trust his own partner.  Suddenly, a high-profile case comes his way when the city’s wealthiest couple are shot to death in a random alley, leaving behind their poor

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How Much Do Box Office Totals Really Matter?


Over the weekend, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes posted one of the best second-weekend holds of the summer, The Purge: Anarchy did better than it had any right to, and Planes: Fire & Rescue and Sex Tape swung and missed big. Overall, the summer box office malaise continued, with the cumulative gross from this weekend’s top 12 falling 26% below the total from last

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Making Sense of Marvel’s Recent Moves – Could We Now See a Female Thor & Black Captain America On Film?

FSR Gwendoline Christie

Here’s how this went down: early Tuesday morning Marvel announced that its comic book version of Thor was going to be replaced by a mysterious (new or pre-existing) female character who would wield his hammer and carry the title of “Thor.”  Less than 24 hours later I saw the first of what I’m sure will be many lists of actresses

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Teased Romances & Cross-Over Episodes – What Spoilers About Arrow & The Flash Have We Learned This Week?


There’s this thing called the Televisions Critics Association (TCA) Summer Press Tour.  The networks invite the biggest TV writers in the land to spend around 2 weeks looking at early footage and interviewing the stars and creators of all the hot new shows coming our way later in the year.  It’s all about building buzz, and the way the people

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What Might Be In Store for Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page on Netflix’s Daredevil

w640 (1)

It’s hard not to love Deborah Ann Woll.  The second she arrived on True Blood she managed to do something which had previously seemed impossible: she made Bill Compton funny.  Before her, the funniest thing about him was that the locals around Bon Temps had taken to calling him “Vampire Bill.”  Otherwise, he was a genteel, Southern gentlemen, perfectly suited

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Into Darkness? – Struggling to Find the Doctor in the New Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer

Doctor Who S8 Capaldi Coleman

On the event of the 10th anniversary of his pop culture news/commentary site,, Dustin Rowles shared ten things he’d learned about running a website over the years.  #1 on the list was that “Relentless bitchery can be fun. For a while. Cynicism has its place, but idealism makes work — and life — and lot more rewarding. People also

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About That One Time Michael Jackson Tried to Buy Marvel & Produce Big-Budget Comic Book Movies


Five years ago Disney bought Marvel Entertainment for the staggering fee of $4 billion, a deal valued at $50 per Marvel share, nearly 29% higher than the shares were going for at the time.  It’s because of this that yesterday gave us something as bonkers as Marvel choosing The View, of all places, to announce its plans to replace Thor

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