Box Office: Theater Owners Would Sure Like the Studios to Make More Movies Like Furious 7


More movies are coming out now than ever before (677 in 2013 versus 455 in 2003), but more and more of those are micro-budget independents (100% increase from ’03 to ’13) and fewer and fewer are studio films (28% decrease across the same time span).* That would maybe be a good thing, but studio films have gone from a 69%

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The Flash’s “Who Is Harrison Wells?” (S1,EP19) & Our Last Normal Episode

Who Harrison Ending

I thought an episode called “Who Is Harrison Wells?” and featuring Joe and Cisco discovering the real Harrison Wells’ long-since buried corpse with the assistance of Arrow’s Captain Lance would be really dark. This was going to be the episode in which Caitlin’s entire world was shattered when she realized Barry was completely right about Dr. Wells. Plus, decayed corpses

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Jurassic World: Just Think Of It As a Really Expensive Mash-Up of Jurassic Park & Deep Blue Sea


Wouldn’t it be funny if they made a Jurassic Park movie in which nothing went wrong? What if they made an Adventureland-like drama focused on the love lives and coming of age stories among the Park’s young employees? Or something like Gareth Edwards’ Monsters which is essentially a road movie about a man and a woman falling in love in

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Trailer Reaction: I’m Still Struggling to Take The Fantastic Four Seriously


There’s a new Fantastic Four trailer. We should probably talk about it, right? Well, there wasn’t supposed to be a new trailer, but then it leaked because the studios aren’t very good at sopping those kinds of things from happening [see: Batman v Superman, Star Wars Anthology: Rogue One]. Now, it’s here. It sets up the basic plot, showcases everyone

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Zack Snyder & That Dang Superman Statue in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Teaser

False God

Why is there a Superman statue in the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser?  More than anything else, that’s what I keep coming back to. Not the fact that the Batwing appears to be mowing people down, causing everyone to instantly assume it must be controlled by someone else because surely they wouldn’t turn Batman into a murderer.

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The Flash’s “All Star Team Up” (S1,EP18) & Feeling Too Old For This


Entertainment Weekly recently hailed Netflix’s Daredevil as finally giving us a comic book show for grown-ups, joking that for as much as they like Arrow the longer they watch it the more they feel like it’s supposed to inspire them to hang Stephen Amell posters on their wall. They took it one further, arguing Daredevil “may be the only current

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