Why Paramount Walked Away From Tom Cruise in 2006


Right now, Paramount Pictures needs Tom Cruise. The Viacom-owned studio is dangerously low on the film industry’s most-coveted commodity: profitable franchises. Their list of controlled properties includes two recently failed franchise re-boots (Jack Ryan, Terminator), a couple of franchises stuck in development hell (Beverly Hills Cop, G.I. Joe, Tom Raider) and a pair of modestly budgeted comedies (Zoolander, Anchorman). That

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The Night Before Trailer: Seth Rogen Reminds Us He’s Jewish in Reunion with 50/50’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Seth Rogen frequently serves as a producer and co-writer on his movies. However, even when he doesn’t have a hand in the writing (e.g., 50/50, Neighbors) he usually picks movies which ground the guy humor trappings in some emotional throughline, like how the apocalypse is really window dressing for the dissolution of adult friendships in This Is the End.  Lately,

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About That Time Boyz N The Hood Set Off Gang Violence at Movie Theaters Across the Country


I was sitting in a movie theater with my older brother and nephew when I got the email update from The Hollywood Reporter: “Three Dead After Shooting at Trainwreck Screening in Louisiana.” I was spooked. We were there waiting for Ant-Man to start, and what had just happened in Louisiana was nearly 1000 miles away. Still, I looked around to

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Box Office: Adam Sandler Hasn’t Been the Same Since Funny People


There are plot spoilers for Funny People in this article. Adam Sandler used to be one of the few bankable movie stars in all of Hollywood, but his star is seriously waning after That’s My Boy ($36m domestic) and Blended ($46m domestic) flopped, The Cobbler didn’t even play in theaters and Pixels underperformed with a $24m debut over the weekend. 

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We Apparently Have Only Ourselves to Blame for the Glut of Spoiler-Heavy Movie Trailers


This article contains spoilers for Southpaw, Terminator: Genisys, Jurassic World, Star Trek Into Darkness, Terminator 3, Terminator Salvation and even Rocky V I’ve seen Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie Southpaw. It’s okay, kind of like a grittier version of Rocky V if instead of just going broke Rocky also lost custody of his son and had to start boxing again. The

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