Month: February 2017

What Can Actually Be Done to Fix the Oscars?

Around halfway through what turned into the longest (and most memorable) Oscars telecast in a decade, host Jimmy Kimmel threw to a video montage of foreign moviegoers explaining why they love going to movies (short answer: escapism) and […]

Review: Fist Fight Coasts on Charlie Day and Ice Cube’s Charm

In the new Ice Cube/Charlie Day comedy Fist Fight, two high school teachers are finally pushed past their breaking points on the last day of the school year. One of them, Mr. Strickland (Cube), attacks a student […]

Box Office: Why Did China Go So Gaga Over Resident Evil?

Jack White once sang, “Bring out your junk and we’ll give it a home, A broken trumpet or a telephone, Come on and give it to me.” At the time, he was slyly referring to […]

My Somewhat Snarky Oscar Reactions

  I know, I know – you can’t believe what just happened at the Oscars. How could you? Nobody saw it coming. How in the world did “Sing” beat “Ennemis Interieurs” for Best Live-Action Short […]

The Bill Paxton Scene I’ll Never Forget

Last night at the Spirit Awards Andy Samberg did a bit where he re-purposed the lyrics of Pearl Jam’s “Alive” to reference various celebrities who are still alive. It was a strange attempt to present […]

My Somewhat Snarky Oscar Predictions: Is It Too Late to Just Give Everything to “San Junipero”?

The Oscars are tonight. I’ve got to get my picks out asap. So, here they are [shocker: I’m predicting a big night for La La Land, aka, Academy voter catnip]: ABOVE THE LINE CATEGORIES Best […]

Review: Get Out Is Every Bit the Masterpiece They Say It Is

Get Out’s big twist will not be spoiled in this review. Jordan Peele’s insta-classic new horror movie Get Out is difficult to discuss without veering too far into spoiler territory. As such, here’s the spoiler-lite […]

Review: Skip A Cure for Wellness. Watch Shutter Island Instead.

A Cure for Wellness, director Gore Verbinski’s first film since 2013’s The Lone Ranger, has a big problem: it doesn’t realize how silly it is. A story – Dane DeHaan visits a wellness center which […]

Forget About Nightwing and Batman. Worry More About Justice League, Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

I might as well pull a page from The Simpsons and call this post “Old Man Yells at Cloud” because I feel like an old, Grandpa Simpson-esque crank when it comes to Warner Bros.’ DC […]

Arrow’s “The Sin-Eater” Wastes Its Shot at Creating Its Own Gotham City Sirens

After last week’s gun control-centric flashback to the “very special episodes” of TV past, Arrow got back to business as usual in “The Sin-Eater,” setting a trio of formerly incarnated female villains (China White, Cupid, […]