Month: March 2017

Netflix Movie Review: The Discovery Asks Life’s Biggest “What If?”

What if science could prove the existence of an afterlife, but not prove what exactly that afterlife is or where it takes us? That’s the question explored in the new Netflix movie The Discovery, the sophomore effort […]

What Jordan Peele Hopes Hollywood Learns From the Box Office Success of Get Out

Get Out is now the highest-grossing film in Blumhouse history, and it’s still growing. The domestic total now sits at $150m, but the film only just now fell out of the top 5 (in its […]

The Hays Code Was Created 87 Years Ago Today. Here Are Some Examples of Pre-Code Hollywood.

March 31, 1930, a date that will live in…minor notoriety? To be honest, it’s not even a date I normally remember as being important, but thanks to an NPR report this morning I was reminded […]

Literally Just a Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Lines Spliced Into Star Wars IV-VI

YouTube and its curious algorithm just recommended that I watch this 4-year-old video of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie lines spliced into Darth Vader scenes from Star Wars IV, V and VI. If this ever changing world in […]

Joss Whedon & Batgirl: Warner Bros. Needs Him More Than He Needs Them

Earlier today, Variety exclusively reported that Joss Whedon is nearing a deal to write, direct, and produce an untitled Batgirl movie that is being described as both standalone and part of the DC Extended Universe, […]

Oliver Gets By With a Little Help From His Friends in Arrow’s “Disbanded”

At least once in every season of Arrow or The Flash there seems to be an episode where the titular hero has to again be reminded of the power of teamwork and perils of going […]

The New It Movie Looks Like an R-Rated Stranger Things

Oh, what sweet irony that someone might watch the new It trailer and come away thinking, “They ripped off Stranger Things.” It’s set in the 80s. The main characters are a group of dorky kids […]

DC TV: Flash’s Magic, Legends of Tomorrow’s Altered Reality

Last night, Flash gave Barry the answer to defeating Savitar, and the not-so-legendary heroes of Legends of Tomorrow utterly failed to defeat the Legion of Doom. But, hey, Nate’s mom makes some wicked sandwiches. So, […]

CinemaCon and the Future of the Theatrical Release Window

Last year, Sean Parker, the Napster founder played by Justin Timberlake in Social Network, attempted to disrupt the business model underpinning the entire film industry the same way he once did with the film industry. […]

Spider-Man Has to Earn His Suit in the New Homecoming Trailer

Hey, you remember yesterday’s report that Sony is officially planning to use its 2018 Venom movie as an R-rated opening to a new cinematic universe independent of the Spider-Man movies they’re making with Marvel Studios? […]