Month: June 2017

Brief Thoughts on Okja & Nobody Speak + A Site Update

By the time you read this I’ll be on the road to Denver Comic-Con 2017, where I will most likely take in more panels than I’ll even remember, miss out even more panels than I […]

Netflix Review: GLOW’s First Season Is Good. I Bet Season 2 Will Be Even Better.

THIS IS A SPOILER-FREE REVIEW OF GLOW’s FIRST SEASON You know how sometimes when you watch the first season of a TV show you’re left thinking, “That was good, but I bet it gets a […]

Box Office: Indie Films to the Rescue?

There comes a moment every summer where audiences turn on blockbusters and cry out for cinematic nourishment, not mere empty calories. This used to be the moment when some indie something or other would come […]

Doctor Who’s “World Enough and Time”: We’ve Been Waiting for This

This is it. In the blink of an eye, the entire season has flown by, and we’ve now arrived at the two-part finale. Pretty soon we will see that last scenes Steven Moffat ever writes […]

3 Larger Lessons from Last Week’s News – Fake Wonder Woman News, Star Wars Drama & Yet Another Failed Blockbuster

Last week was not a good time to go on vacation. So much happened in pop culture while I was away, and here are the lessons I think we learned: Pop culture is by no […]

Review: Beatriz at Dinner & Cinema In the Age of Trump

Beatriz at Dinner, director Miguel Arteta and screenwriter Mike White’s study of what happens when the 99% meets the 1%, is instantly familiar to anyone who’s watched a lot of indie film over the past […]

Box Office: Wonder Woman Is Now the Most Resilient Superhero Movie Since the First Spider-Man

Wonder Woman is kind of a big deal. You don’t need to know anything about the film’s box office performance to know that. Simply browse social media, drop in on some podcasts, check out a […]

Film Review: The Surprisingly Empowering Cars 3

The Cars films have always felt like the slightest installments in the Pixar catalog, and have been written about ad nauseam as being emblematic of everything that’s gone wrong with the once great animation house. […]

Doctor Who’s “The Eaters of Light”: Outlander Did It

Well, that was a waste of time. After “Empress of Mars” ended with a tantalizing and hotly debated final exchange between The Doctor and Missy, “The Eaters of Light” saw fit to ignore all of […]

Review: The Wonderfully Messy Rough Night & The Myth that Female-Led Comedies Are Still Novelty Items

Rough Night is a Frankenstein’s monster of a comedy combining equal parts Bridesmaids, The Hangover, Very Bad Things and Weekend at Bernie’s in a story of a bachelorette party gone horribly wrong when the male […]