Month: September 2017

Reminder: Titans & Young Justice Will Also Be Used to Launch a Streaming Service

This is how TV is in 2017: The networks hate airing shows they don’t actually own. They’re all terrified of Netflix. And they all want to have their own subscription streaming service (eventually). Basically, it’s […]

Review: Stark Trek: Discovery Makes Me Wish I Was Re-Watching The Orville Instead

It’s 9:38 PM. I finished Star Trek: Discovery’s pilot 15 minutes ago. In the time since then, I’ve read several reviews, checked out Twitter reactions (sooooo many people hate the idea of paying for yet […]

Film Review: Stronger Is One of the Most Genuinely Moving Movies Of the Year

Stronger is probably not the movie you want, but it’s definitely the movie you need. I say that because after Manchester By the Sea (and so many other Affleck or David O. Russell-connected movies like […]

Was “About a Girl” Orville’s Best Episode? No, Worst Episode! No, I, Um, Don’t Know

I had to roll my eyes when I read this quote from Seth MacFarlane about The Orville in EW’s Fall TV Preview issue: “Good science fiction doesn’t ignore current events and sociopolitics. The Orville doesn’t […]

Review: Kingsman: The Golden Circle Overcorrects & Then Does Nothing Interesting With Its New Ideas

As revealed in literally every single Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer, the idea this time around is to ditch the Britishisms and pure 007 homage/parody of the first film (The Secret Service) in favor of […]

Review: mother! Is Potentially About Many Things, But First and Foremost It’s a Great Mindfuck Moodpiece

Darren Aronofsky’s mother! has quickly become one of the most debated films of the year, rejected by opening weekend moviegoers who understandably felt misled by the studio’s marketing campaign and embraced by critics and cinephiles […]

Doc Review: Honest Man: The Life of R. Budd Dwyer Is Like Mr. Smith Meets Death of a Salesman

In a centuries-old Pennsylvania government building on a snowy day in late January 1987, R. Budd Dwyer shot himself at the end of a press conference most expected to simply end with him announcing his […]

Looks Like We Have to Start Taking That New Terminator Movie Seriously

To survive as a film and TV fan in 2017 often means to learn how to stop worrying about reboots, revivals and requels and instead love the retread. If your kneejerk reaction to every new relaunch […]

The Emmys and Beyond: The Best (and Worst) TV I Watched This Year

Whenever the Primetime Emmy Awards roll around, bloggers have various obvious tracks they can take. There’s the tried-and-true predictions list, usually broken down into who will win versus who should win. There’s the snubs list […]

Painkiller Jane Was Once Going to be the First Movie Of Its Kind. Now It Just Hopes Ghost in the Shell & Atomic Blonde Haven’t Soured the Market.

At one point, Painkiller Jane, a film adaptation of Jimmy Palmiotti’s graphic novel series that plays like Deadpool crossed with Jessica Jones, was on track to hit screens before Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and any […]