Month: October 2017

9 Things You May Not Know About Halloween H20

John Carpenter and Debra Hill couldn’t kill Michael Myers. The fans wouldn’t let them. That didn’t stop Jamie Lee Curtis from taking a shot at it, though. Thus, we have Halloween H20, the return of […]

9 Things You May Not Know About Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

By the time Halloween 6 arrived in 1995, the horror genre had been in a prolonged slump, a slump brought on by inevitable audience burnout (so, so, so many damn slasher movies!) and the rise […]

9 Things You May Not Know About Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers

Halloween 5 was rushed into production without a finished script, but it didn’t have to be. Halloween 4 had revitalized interest in the franchise and suggested a clear path forward. Jamie was supposed to become the […]

9 Things You May Not Know About Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers

After the noble failure of Halloween III, the franchise went into hibernation and disappeared into a legal black hole which saw John Carpenter and Debra Hill ultimately sell their rights to Moustapha Akkad. The ongoing […]

9 Things You May Not Know About Halloween III: Season of the Witch

To borrow a joke from Yahoo, Halloween III: Season of the Witch was sold with the ominous tagline: The night no one comes home. Instead, no one showed up. At least not right away. Or […]

11 Insights Into the Making of Stranger Things 2

Strangers Things 2 spoilers below. So, you just finished your binge of Stranger Things 2, and are trying to decide whether or not that odd aftershow, Beyond Stranger Things, is worth your time. I mean, […]

On Trying to Understand the Stranger Things Phenomenon

I have now watched the first 4 episodes of Stranger Things: Season 2, but before I write about them I need to get this nagging question out of my head. It’s a question I don’t […]

The Orville’s “Majority Rule” Trots Out the Show’s Best Black Mirror Impression

Man, it took me a minute to hit the Hulu play button for The Orville’s “Majority Rule.” It’s not that I have soured on the show. It’s more, well, there’s a lot going on in […]

The Oscars Need Logan, Wonder Woman and Get Out More Than Those Films Need the Oscars

It’s 2017. Everything’s political. So, we can’t talk about the Oscars without first acknowledging the ongoing conversation over whether or not people like Bill Cosby or Roman Polanski should be expelled from the Academy as […]

9 Things You May Not Know About Halloween II (1981)

Most long-running horror franchises have that one installment which was legitimately supposed to but hilariously did not end the franchise. Some have several of them. Few, however, have tried to ends things as quickly as […]