Month: October 2017

Box Office: Blumhouse’s Secret to Succcess Is Astonishingly Simple, Yet Nearly Impossible to Emulate

Jason Blum makes it sound easy. Every time the 48-year-old Blumhouse boss describes how he goes about choosing which projects to produce it sounds so simple. He reads lots and lots of scripts, picks the […]

Black Panther Trailer Reaction

Ryan Coogler made my favorite film of 2015. Chadwick Boseman was one of my favorite parts of Captain America: Civil War. I’m always going to at least be kind of interested in seeing anything starring […]

The New Mutants Trailer Reaction

Who the hell is directing this movie? That’s the first thought which occurred to me while watching The New Mutants trailer. What had previously been thought of as X-Men: The Next Generation has turned into […]

Mercer and Malloy Team-Up in “Krill” & Inadvertently Bring Out the Worst in Each Other and The Orville

One of the site’s readers mentioned in the comments section of my last Orville review that the jokes on this show feel as if they need a laugh track to survive. Without the crutch of […]

Arrow Suggests a More Mature Direction in the Muddled “Fallout,” But Will You Stick Around to See What Happens Next?

Arrow’s fifth season went out with a bang. Literally. Adrian blew up Lian Yu with the majority of Team Arrow on it, which is why the CW has been so cagey with its season six […]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Reaction

What kind of fan experience do you want to have with Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Wanna devour every new screenshot, trailer, and parcel of footage in the build-up to December 15? Well, tonight is […]

Box Office: Blade Runner: 2049 Is a One-Quadrant Movie With a Four-Quadrant Budget

2017 is supposed to be the year of RottenTomatoes, the year of quality winning out over crap or mediocrity. To put butts in seats this year films have to be good, really good in fact. […]

6 Questions I Have After Watching Blade Runner: 2049

I saw Blade Runner for the first time two weeks ago and was immediately struck by the film’s ambiguity. I suddenly had a better understanding of why exactly Blade Runner: 2049 had been made. This […]

Justice League Trailer Reaction: Where Do We Stand Now – Excited? Pessimistic? Completely Indifferent?

Justice League is a contractual obligation film. It’s a project which was entered into under the assumption that Batman v Superman (and, to a lesser degree, Suicide Squad) would neither suck nor dampen audience enthusiasm. Yeah, […]

Review: “Spielberg” Is a Documentary Worthy of the Man

Spielberg, HBO’s documentary about one of the greatest and most important filmmakers of all time, inevitably covers plenty of familiar ground for cinephiles, partially because at this point Steven Spielberg has already told the story […]