Month: March 2018

Film Review: Tomb Raider Fails to Solve the Video Game Movie Curse

If you have played the 2013 Lara Croft origin story video game Tomb Raider, there is almost no reason to see the new Alicia Vikander film of the same name. Sure, there’s the matter of […]

Five Avengers: Infinity War Predictions, Based on the New Trailer

You’ve read the title of the article. No reason to beat around the bush with an intro. Here’s the trailer: In the interest of transparency, the last time I did one of these predictions articles […]

Jason Blum Explains Why Blumhouse Made a New Benji Movie

It’s no secret that I’m an admirer of Jason Blum, both the horror films like Split, Get Out, and Happy Death Day he releases through micro-budget horror label Blumhouse and his against-the-grain business model which […]

Film Review: Thoroughbreds

Roger Ebert said, “The purpose of civilization is to be able to empathize with other people, and for me, the movies are like a machine that generate empathy. It’s let you understand a little bit […]

Netflix Has Some Fantastic Horror Movies Right Now. Nails Isn’t One of Them.

Are you in the mood for a fun bit of hospital horror featuring an ashen-faced Freddy Krueger-clone, useless side characters, a capable female lead, Irish accents, blatant Ring knock-off moments, and a random, kooky doctor […]

How Marvel Studios Picked Iron Man to Be Its First Self-Produced Movie

They asked a bunch of kids which superhero toy they’d most want to play with. There, I’ve given away the big reveal hinted at in the title of the post. But don’t you want to […]

Was Paramount Really Wrong to Dump Annihilation on Netflix?

Annihilation is now on Netflix around the world, and it has only grossed $26m in the States against its $40m budget. Reviewers in places like the UK and Australia are chiming in and expressing astonishment […]

A Wrinkle in Time’s Box Office: They Can’t All Be Black Panther

Ava DuVernay knew A Wrinkle in Time wasn’t going to be the movie to push T’Challa from the box office throne, and she was right. Wrinkle in Time, the first film with a budget of […]

Film Review: The Strangers: Prey at Night

A decade ago, director-screenwriter Bryan Bertino channeled the Manson family murders and Straw Dogs to conjure up The Strangers, a nihilistic examination of the random violence visited upon a young couple in a rural home […]

Film Review: David Oyelowo Is a Revelation in Gringo. Too Bad the Movie Is So Muddled.

Halfway through Gringo, STX and Amazon’s new drug trade action-comedy, Harold Soyinka, speaking through his Nigerian accent, confides in a kind-hearted fellow tourist that the world has turned upside down. Of course, by that point […]