Month: May 2018

Let’s Talk About Deadpool 2’s Fridging Controversy

The problem with having a self-aware central character who regularly points out the artifice of his own reality is that it creates a certain set of expectations. Like, for example, if your movie starts with […]

The Han Solo Origin Story We Almost Got (And Then Kind of Did on Kids TV)

October 30, 2012, a date that will live in nerd infamy. That is the day Star Wars lost its original author. Everything Star Wars-related before that had to go through one man: George Lucas. After, […]

Deadpool 2’s Marketing Might Be More Interesting Than the Actual Movie

Deadpool 2 spoilers below.  Deadpool isn’t real. He’s just an early 90s Rob Liefeld fever dream with an intentional Spider-Man knockoff costume who has since become Ryan Reynolds’ personal mascot and career-saver. We all know […]

The Predator Could Be Just the Kind of Different the Franchise Needs

Shane Black’s The Predator recently debuted its first teaser trailer. It got me thinking about the Predator franchise in general. Get ready for a wild claim I can in no way verify, beginning in 3, […]

Deadpool 2 Ups its Budget and Stakes but Maintains its Anarchic Edge (Spoiler-Free Review)

Walking into my screening of Deadpool 2, I had some trepidation. After all, 2016’s Deadpool worked because it felt so fresh and different from every other superhero film surrounding it on the release calendar. Much […]

Comcast & Disney’s Fight for 21st Century Fox Might Be Decided By Taxes

In this new age of corporate consolidation, it’s starting to get weird out there. AT&T’s still firing people left and right and weathering a PR storm over the revelation it paid President Trump’s fixer fifty […]

Film Review: Why You Should See Tully

Ever since Tom Cruise claimed mastery over the entire field of psychiatry and chastised Brooke Shields for taking antidepressants to treat her postpartum depression, the question has lingered in the wider culture over how exactly […]

Three Possible Explanations for Why Fox Decided to Cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Update 5-12: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved. Season 6 will air on NBC. Huzzah! TV shows get canceled. Fans get upset. That’s just, like, the law. Sometimes, however, those upset fans cry out in such […]

16 Burning Infinity War Questions, Answered By the Directors

Infinity Wars spoilers below. Duh. Wow. Just…wow. That didn’t go the way I expected. After all, who really could have seen Infinity War’s climactic group sing-a-long of “Aquarius” coming? I sure didn’t. Oh, and that Chris […]

Why Horror? – Part 1

I’m going to Texas Frightmare this weekend, which is self-described as “The Southwest’s Premier Horror Convention” and is arguably the largest horror convention in the nation. This year’s guests include Clive Barker, Doug Bradley, Kane […]