Month: June 2018

There Is a Case for Firing Kathleen Kennedy & It Has Nothing to Do With the Fans

Over the past month, the internet has been ripe with speculation that Kathleen Kennedy’s days as Lucasfilm boss are numbered. The latest comes from Grace Randolph’s YouTube Channel, which cites an anonymous Disney insider in […]

Netflix Review: The Staircase Continues Its Search for a Point of View

In 2001, French director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade released Murder on a Sunday Morning, an enraging documentary about a 15-year-old black kid being wrongfully accused of murdering two tourists in Jacksonville, Florida. It would later win […]

What Will Become of Indie Theaters in the MoviePass vs. AMC War?

First, there was MoviePass. Then, there was Sinemia. Now there’s AMC’s Stubbs A-List. Pretty soon, the Alamo Drafthouse will possibly have a subscription service of its own. The movie theater economy is changing in a […]

Bad Blood: Looking Back at Comcast’s Attempt to Buy Disney in 2004

Did Comcast CEO Brian Roberts just Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Bob Iger? That statement requires more explanation: Starring in 1992’s Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot was one of the worst decisions of […]

Film Review: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Makes the First Jurassic World Look Like a Masterpiece

To call Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom a low point for the larger Jurassic Park franchise is saying a lot. After all, as Honest Trailers recently went to great lengths to remind us a raptor actually […]

Film Review: The Incredibles 2 Is Mr. Mom As a Superhero Movie

The Incredibles 2 is an incredible sequel to a movie I don’t actually love. That’s right – I don’t love the first Incredibles movie. Even though it’s regularly regarded as being one of the finest […]

Box Office: Incredibles 2 Benefitted From Being the First New Animated Movie in 3 Months

Incredibles 2 broke all the box office records for an animated movie this weekend. You can read an exhaustive detailing of the various records here. Heck, Incredibles 2’s $180 domestic debut is objectively amazing for […]

Why Jason Blum’s New Deal to Make Chinese Horror Movies Is So Surprising

Jason Blum and Tang Media’s CEO Donald Tang just made a surprise announcement at the Shanghai Film Festival: they’ve agreed to partner on a series of Chinese-language horror and thriller films to be distributed in […]

Review: Wolfman’s Got Nards-A Documentary Celebrates Monster Squad’s Resurgent Fandom

It’s 1990. I’m mere days away from my eighth birthday. And my older brothers are showing me Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. That’s the beginning of my Monster Squad story, and that’s […]

Documentary Review: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Is An Empathy Machine

In the end, Mr. Rogers still wondered if he’d made a difference – if his goal to teach children to be more loving, both of strangers and of themselves, had actually changed anything. The kind […]