Month: August 2018

What TV Shows Are You Currently Watching?

I’ve been a little movie-heavy on the site lately. I’m overdue for a reminder that I also love TV as well, especially with the Emmys two weeks away. So, while I prepare a longer piece […]

Will You Subscribe to DC Universe?

Every nerd reaches that point where they’re told they need to sell their comic book collection, grow up, be an adult – all of that stuff Shannen Doherty was yelling at Jason Lee about at […]

Film Review: Martin Freeman Shines in Spooky, But Imperfect Ghost Stories

Effective with its spooks and nicely tied together by its framing device, horror anthology Ghost Stories still falls short of greatness. It leaves you with the impression that the play it’s based on was probably […]

Needful Things at 25: Reflecting on Castle Rock’s “Final” Story

Hulu’s Castle Rock is currently giving the infamous fictional Maine town that originated in Stephen King’s mind the methodical, multi-episode exploration it’s always needed. 25 years ago, however, Hollywood tried to adapt King’s final Castle […]

Amazon Prime Horror Fest: Burnt Offerings, Evils of the Night, Prom Night II & Saturday the 14th

Amazon has literally thousands of movies available for free to Prime users. Survey after survey indicates most people don’t watch them or even know they’re there. However, to B-Movie fans Amazon Prime has become far […]

Netflix Review: Us and Them Is a Home Invasion Thriller Tarantino Could Call His Own

Think of it as Home Invasion: Economic Anxiety Edition. It’s virtually impossible to watch Us and Them, a 2017 UK indie which recently found its way to Netflix, and not think of Quentin Tarantino. Or […]

From Moment to Movement: Hollywood Diversity After Wonder Woman, Black Panther & Crazy Rich Asians

Over the past 18 months, we’ve enjoyed our fair share of cultural moments and firsts at the movies. Wonder Woman, Black Panther, and now Crazy Rich Asians prove diversity pays. However, even with high-profile success […]

Netflix Review: Disenchantment is a Lesser Futurama Until It Turns Into Something New

Netflix’s new animated series Disenchantment is a comedy which didn’t make me laugh a single time throughout its entire 10 episodes. I smirked a handful of times, sure, but never outright laughed. Yet once the […]

Shudder Review: Anthony Hopkins Loses Himself in William Goldman’s Magic

“If you had told me, that 1978 November day when Magic opened, that it would be nine years before my next picture appeared, I doubt I would have known what language you were speaking.” To […]

James Gunn, Roseanne & Anthony Anderson: The Inexact Science Behind Disney’s Zero Tolerance

James Gunn made some tasteless jokes on Twitter. Anthony Anderson is still being investigated by the LAPD for assault. They both work for Disney. Correction: only one of them still works for Disney. Can you […]