Month: August 2018

Now Seems Like a Good Time to Remember Just How Shady MoviePass’ Parent Company Is

Another week, another MoviePass story. Gee, do you think that just maybe something’s not right with this group of grifters? The latest is this: MoviePass’ new $9.95-for-three-movies-a-month model goes into effect today, and as of […]

Young Guns at 30: Reflecting on the Film That Revived the Western & Still Gets No Respect

The western, which used to be as common in Hollywood as superhero movies are now, enjoyed a surprising revival in popularity in the late 1980s into the 90s. The genre, of course, fizzled out again […]

Film Review: BlacKkKlansman is Spike Lee’s Cinematic Revenge

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Spike Lee movie joint. Based on the meager ticket sales for his recent releases, the same is probably true for everyone. As a result, it’s taking me […]

Film Review: The Meg Plays It Way Too Straight

Halfway through Jason Statham’s giant shark movie The Meg, Rainn Wilson, playing the comic relief tech billionaire who has bankrolled a naval research station for, um, reasons, declares a premature victory. The prehistoric shark they […]

Is Paramount Right? Has Star Trek Hit Its Financial Ceiling as a Film Franchise?

Star Trek, in the Shatner years, was a hit franchise in the States. The Motion Picture, The Voyage Home, Wrath of Khan, and Search for Spock easily solid tickets on par with, in some cases […]

Disney Will Release Whatever Fox Has Finished or In Production & That Might Include a Family Guy Movie

“Disney will release all of Fox’s movies that are complete or in production at the time of the acquisition, said a person with knowledge of its plans. It’s less certain what will happen to films […]

Netflix Review: Emelie is a Wonderfully Twisted Showcase for Sarah Bolger

File this under horror movie premises that fall apart if just one of the parents in the story bothered to check Facebook. It’s date night. Correction: anniversary night for an overworked couple (played by Susan […]

Revisiting Disney’s Tricky Fahrenheit 9/11 Accounting

Michael Moore has a new documentary. Wait! Don’t swipe or click away yet. I know Moore is a divisive figure these days. His high profile, both in the body of his documentaries and in the […]

The MoviePass End Game: Survive Long Enough to Sell to a Bigger Company

MoviePass ran out of money. Then it raised its prices and eliminated most new movies for at least their first two weeks. Just as quickly, they changed their minds and walked back those changes. Now, […]

The Academy is Adding a Popular Film Category to the Oscars, Capping a Decade of Failed Attempts at Mass Appeal

The Academy has been trying to fix a problem with the increasingly ratings-challenged Oscars telecast for a decade. Their latest attempt at a solution – a Popular Film category – is, well, it’s not great. […]