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Voice of Reason: Great.  Another blog.  Just what the world needs.

WeMinoredInFilm: You’ve got some nerve, mister.  Plus, we’re not strictly speaking a traditional blog.

Voice of Reason: You reek of Denial, and I find its putrid stench intoxicating.

WeMinoredInFilm: Wow.  That was a pretty good Sue Sylvester from Glee impression.

Voice of Reason: Four years ago, I would have taken that as a complement.  However, given the current state of Glee…but that’s beside the point.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am all for expressing yourself creatively and pursuing that about which you are passionate, be it sharing tips for home improvement projects or pictures of meals from restaurants or your thoughts on the latest big film or television show.  However, at this point there are practically countless numbers of blogs on the internet, with Tumblr reporting over 94 million blogs and WordPress reporting over 61 million blogs as of February, 2013.

WeMinoredInFilmWait, what?  Holy crap!

Voice of Reason: In fact, blogging has become so ubiquitous that the Disney Channel currently airs a family sitcom entitled Dog With a Blog.

WeMinoredInFilmI think I am going to be sick.  Is it centered around a humorist who has created a fictional identity for himself of a dog and writes about this identity on a blog, with funny essays about neutering from the dog’s point of view or embedded-reporter style updates on the ongoing war between cats and dogs?

Voice of Reason: Nope.  It is exactly what it sounds like – a talking dog who blogs about the activities of his human masters because those humans always be doin’ something stupid.

WeMinoredInFilmThat might not be so bad.  It could be like Alf if Alf were a dog who blogged about how crazy his stupid human captors were.  However, it raises logistical questions such as how does the dog even type?

Voice of Reason: I don’t know.  I’ve never actually seen the show.

WeMinoredInFilmOkay, sure.  I’m sorry.  You’ll have to give me a moment.  I’m still processing all of this.  I mean this is kind of soul-crushing news.

Voice of Reason: Did you do no market research?  Did you not seek out advice from people who have been internet writers for years?  If you had, you’d know that just recently a ten-year veteran of online writing recently published an article on the film news website BadAssDigest in which his main piece of advice for aspiring film critic/bloggers was very simple: don’t do it.

WeMinoredInFilmAh, yes, but he said don’t do it unless you are driven and cannot be truly happy without sharing your views on film and pop culture with the world.  Regardless of whether or not we ever turn our film minors into film majors, i.e., pursue film school education, or are fortunate enough to be paid to do something like this current site professionally, we will always be happy to talk and write about pop culture.  However, we cannot deny the truth which is there are untold millions of blogs out there.  Ultimately, how can we ever make our voices heard against such staggering competition?  Well, Samwise Gamgee, you want to field this one?

Damn straight!  Except, you know, that does not really apply here, but the sentiment of the speech and the element of soldiering on in the face of insurmountable odds gives us strength.  You know, when that Samwise is not talking in slow-motion – which he does a lot in the Lord of the Rings trilogy – his words really carry a wallop.


  1. Glad to be aboard. You can always tell the Voice of Reason that the Blogosphere represents the last bastion of independent, non-corporatist Internet. We’re the Internet the way it was meant to be – the way it used to be, before it became a giant shopping mall.

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