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Box Office: “Thoughts and Prayers,” Geostorm & When Real Tragedy Happens to Bad Movies

In BoJack Horseman’s recent episode “Thoughts and Prayers,” the show’s anthropomorphized animal stand-ins for standard Hollywood actors, agents, directors and other hanger-ons suffer the crisis of having to edit their latest film and its related […]

Hulu Review: Too Funny to Fail Hilariously Explores One of TV’s Most Notorious Flops

I am one of the six million. Hulu’s Too Funny to Fail, a documentary about the rise and downfall of the short-lived ABC series The Dana Carvey Show, states that the first episode’s infamous opening […]

Film Review: You Might Not Care About Happy Death Day, But Your Kids Are Going to Love It

You really feel your age when you’re a man in your 30s seeing a PG-13 horror movie in a theater surrounded by teenage girls and even some giggling pre-teens. Even if the movie ends up […]

A Running Tally of Some of the Hollywood Sexual Harassment Testimonials You Might Have Missed

When legendary entertainment reporter Kim Masters was asked in a TV interview last week exactly how many women have accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment or assault she replied back, “What hour is it right […]

Here’s What Fox Is Planning for The New Mutants

It’s been nearly a full week since Fox dropped its New Mutants trailer, revealing to the world that while we weren’t looking they’d gone away and made a genuine superhero-horror movie hybrid. They’re not done, […]

Film Review: Is There More to Brad’s Status Than Just “Facebook Made Ben Stiller Sad”?

Decades ago, Mike White and his father toured prospective colleges together, and the experience set off a kind of mid-life crisis in the elder of the two. Faced with the prospect of losing his son […]

Box Office: Blumhouse’s Secret to Succcess Is Astonishingly Simple, Yet Nearly Impossible to Emulate

Jason Blum makes it sound easy. Every time the 48-year-old Blumhouse boss describes how he goes about choosing which projects to produce it sounds so simple. He reads lots and lots of scripts, picks the […]

Black Panther Trailer Reaction

Ryan Coogler made my favorite film of 2015. Chadwick Boseman was one of my favorite parts of Captain America: Civil War. I’m always going to at least be kind of interested in seeing anything starring […]

The New Mutants Trailer Reaction

Who the hell is directing this movie? That’s the first thought which occurred to me while watching The New Mutants trailer. What had previously been thought of as X-Men: The Next Generation has turned into […]

Mercer and Malloy Team-Up in “Krill” & Inadvertently Bring Out the Worst in Each Other and The Orville

One of the site’s readers mentioned in the comments section of my last Orville review that the jokes on this show feel as if they need a laugh track to survive. Without the crutch of […]