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The Defenders’ “Royal Dragon” (S1:E4): Dinner for Champs

I’ve been writing reviews for these Netflix Marvel shows ever since Daredevil’s second season, and in that time the shows (or seasons) that have really worked have been the ones where it really pained me […]

The Defenders’ “Worst Behavior” (S1:E3): Hallway Fight Triumphant

Isn’t it kind of strange that hallway fight scenes have become the calling card of the Netflix Marvel universe? Some stunt coordinator obviously saw The Raid: Redemption and decided to put Charlie Cox and stunt […]

The Defenders Episode 2 “Mean Right Hook” – The Reluctant Heroes

I know I shouldn’t be focusing on this. I know I should be geeking out over “Mean Right Hook” finally bringing some of the Defenders together. But, seriously, what was with the camera work in […]

The Defenders Episode 1 “The H Word” – Choppy, Just Like The Avengers

Just finished the first episode. Can I finally say, “Defenders asse…”? Not so fast. We’ve got to set the mood, reintroduce the characters, tie off all of their cliffhangers and chart a new path for […]

Could Disney’s New Netflix-like Service Be a Step Toward Premium Video On Demand?

Why is Disney walking away from a deal which nets them as much as $300 million a year? That’s what Ben Weiss, chief investment officer at 8th & Jackson Capital Management, wondered when Disney announced […]

Deadpool 2 Might Have a Tough Time Defending Itself

1. How do you remain a self-aware superhero movie when everyone knows someone died during the making of your movie? 2. How do you answer those who want to know why you hired a pro […]

TV Reviews: Skip The Guest Book, Give I’m Sorry a Shot

TBS and TruTV are two channels I only typically watch when they take part in the National Holiday that is March Madness. However, as of late these co-owned cable outlets have been making waves in […]

MoviePass Just Offered a Deal That Is So Good the Country’s Largest Theater Chain Wants Nothing to Do With It

$9.99, are they out of their mind? That’s the question currently being thrown around at AMC Headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, where executives for the country’s largest movie theater chain are ordering their army of lawyers […]

Game of Thrones’ “Eastwatch”: The Fellowship of the Damned

Well, that was disappointing. Not the episode, “Eastwatch,” the fifth of this truncated seventh season. No, there was much to enjoy here as well as much to chew on and criticize, as per usual. The […]

My Favorite King of the Hill Scene

Another week, another story about a classic TV show being revived. This time, it’s King of the Hill because all of The Simpsons‘ old animated counterparts on Fox must eventually come back – first Family Guy, […]