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Supernatural’s “Wayward Sisters” Makes a Solid Case for an All-Female Spin-Off

It’s been nearly a decade since Supernatural’s original creator Eric Kripke left the show, having completed the Sam & Dean vs. the Apocalypse story he set out to tell. In the time since then, the […]

Rachel Morrison & Mudbound Might Make Oscar History Next Week

Two years ago, Creed’s Maryse Alberti was on the shortlist of potential nominees for the Academy Award for Best Cinematography. Twas not to be. The Academy went with Carol, Hateful Eight, Mad Max: Fury Road, […]

Film Review: Paddington 2 Is a Complete Delight

There’s a moment in Paddington 2 in which Phoenix Buchanan (Hugh Grant), a once-celebrated Shakespearean actor, is seen on television. Rather than performing a Hamlet soliloquy or Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech, he’s dressed as a […]

Dread Central Presents: A Promising New Idea for Indie Film Distribution

Over the years, I have written far too many “the sky is falling” articles about the state of the film industry. Yes, attendance is dwindling, movie theaters are closing, studios big and small are being […]

TV Review: With Black Lightning, The CW Has Finally Met Marvel’s Challenge to Up Its Superhero Game

Black Lightning feels like what would happen if someone crossed Morgan Freeman from Lean on Me with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and then fine-tuned it for the Trump age. It’d be a surprising, but welcome […]

Is Disney Going to Push Back Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Release Date?

It’s January 15th. Solo: A Star Wars Story comes out a little over four months from now. We haven’t seen a teaser or trailer or even one of those newfangled trailers for the trailer. Beyond […]

BTW: Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle is Now the Highest-Grossing Christmas Week Release of All Time

Nearly a dozen new movies opened in theaters over Christmas week last year. Some flopped (Father Figures). Others flourished (The Greatest Showman). And yet others still haven’t made their way to the rest of the […]

Film Review: Proud Mary, Coming Soon to a Redbox Near You

It’s January and there’s a new action movie in theaters which wasn’t screened for critics. If that sentence doesn’t scare you away from Proud Mary then I don’t know what will. Of course, the fact […]

Film Review: The Post Sacrifices Thoroughness and Nuance for Relevance

Steven Spielberg is not normally a spontaneous filmmaker. When he finds projects he likes he sits on them and mulls them over for years before ever making it to set. Tin-Tin took 30 years. Schindler’s […]

Film Review: The Commuter Is a Perfectly Simple, Perfectly Diverting B-Movie

Liam Neeson just can’t seem to quit action movies. He’s repeatedly talked of retiring from the genre (“I’m sixty-fucking-five. Audiences are eventually going to go: ‘Come on!’”) only to then turn around and completely contradict […]