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The Orville’s “Firestorm” Does Twists for Twists Sake & I Liked It

“Firestorm” drops us into the middle of a crisis. The ship takes on heavy damage while attempting to escape some kind of ion storm. An engineering crewmember is trapped under falling scaffolding. The only person […]

The Orville’s “Cupid’s Dagger” Plays a Rape Allegory for Laughs

A week after going all stand-alone with an adventure focused on the show’s least utilized characters, Isaac and the Doctor, The Orville returns in “Cupid’s Dagger” to its default setting of focusing on Ed and […]

On Trying to Understand the Stranger Things Phenomenon

I have now watched the first 4 episodes of Stranger Things: Season 2, but before I write about them I need to get this nagging question out of my head. It’s a question I don’t […]

The Orville’s “Majority Rule” Trots Out the Show’s Best Black Mirror Impression

Man, it took me a minute to hit the Hulu play button for The Orville’s “Majority Rule.” It’s not that I have soured on the show. It’s more, well, there’s a lot going on in […]

Mercer and Malloy Team-Up in “Krill” & Inadvertently Bring Out the Worst in Each Other and The Orville

One of the site’s readers mentioned in the comments section of my last Orville review that the jokes on this show feel as if they need a laugh track to survive. Without the crutch of […]

Arrow Suggests a More Mature Direction in the Muddled “Fallout,” But Will You Stick Around to See What Happens Next?

Arrow’s fifth season went out with a bang. Literally. Adrian blew up Lian Yu with the majority of Team Arrow on it, which is why the CW has been so cagey with its season six […]

TV Review: Charlize Theron Makes Everything Better. Even The Orville.

For someone who has built his career around using various animated shows to tastelessly skewer celebrities of all kinds, Seth MacFarlane has amassed a surprisingly larger number of notable friends and frequent collaborators, most of […]

Review: Stark Trek: Discovery Makes Me Wish I Was Re-Watching The Orville Instead

It’s 9:38 PM. I finished Star Trek: Discovery’s pilot 15 minutes ago. In the time since then, I’ve read several reviews, checked out Twitter reactions (sooooo many people hate the idea of paying for yet […]

Was “About a Girl” Orville’s Best Episode? No, Worst Episode! No, I, Um, Don’t Know

I had to roll my eyes when I read this quote from Seth MacFarlane about The Orville in EW’s Fall TV Preview issue: “Good science fiction doesn’t ignore current events and sociopolitics. The Orville doesn’t […]

TV Pilot Review: The Orville Is Basically Just Straightforward, Old School Star Trek With More Jokes

Turns out, we’ve been focusing on the wrong thing this entire time. See, ever since The Orville trailer debuted at Comic-Con the discussion about this not-quite-Star Trek, not-quite Galaxy Quest series has centered on its […]