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I Just Finished My Binge of Netflix’s Maniac. I Have Some Thoughts.

After its first two episodes, I was entranced by Maniac’s oddball charm, but fearful it might ultimately succumb to style over substance-related sins. Having finished the entire series, how do I feel now? For anyone […]

My Reaction to Maniac’s First Two Episodes

Is this just going to be another Legion? That’s the question I’ve had with Maniac from the moment Netflix released the first mind-bending trailer. It’s a show set in a mental institution. It uses the […]

Forever Review: Amazon Delivers a Masterful Reflection on Life, Marriage, and [Spoiler]

Amazon’s Forever reinvents itself multiples times within just its first 2 episodes. Where it ends is drastically different than where it begins. That makes it a maddeningly challenging show to discuss. However, that’s a challenge […]

Castle Rock Review: Was the Payoff Worth It? And Are They About to Do a Shining Spin-Off?

Castle Rock is the most successful inaugural season of any Hulu Original. That is, if you go by things like social media engagement, streaming completion, and other internal measures Hulu excitedly referenced when announcing the […]

Iron Fist Is Trying to Transition Into Something Better. The Process Is Not Without Some Hiccups.

Yesterday, I offered my spoiler-lite thoughts on the first half of Iron Fist’s second season. Today, here’s my spoiler-filled take on the entire season. In a recent interview on Todd VanDerwerff’s podcast I Think You’re […]

I Just Reached the Halfway Point of Iron Fist’s Second Season. I Have Some Thoughts.

After a rocky first season, Iron Fist returns with a new showrunner, shortened episode total, and tonal course correction. After five episodes, I’m rather unimpressed with what they’ve come up with. Here are my spoiler-lite […]

“Kidding” Review: Pop Culture Reaches Peak Mr. Rogers Nostalgia with Showtime’s Sinister Series

Kidding, Jim Carrey and Showtime’s new half-hour black comedy about a kids TV show host suffering a mental breakdown doesn’t officially premiere for another week, but the pilot is available to stream for free right […]

What TV Shows Are You Currently Watching?

I’ve been a little movie-heavy on the site lately. I’m overdue for a reminder that I also love TV as well, especially with the Emmys two weeks away. So, while I prepare a longer piece […]

Netflix Review: Disenchantment is a Lesser Futurama Until It Turns Into Something New

Netflix’s new animated series Disenchantment is a comedy which didn’t make me laugh a single time throughout its entire 10 episodes. I smirked a handful of times, sure, but never outright laughed. Yet once the […]

My Favorite TV Shows of 2018, So Far

In the time it’s taken me to write this article I’ve missed the chance to start Picnic on Hanging Rang, get caught up on 12 Monkeys, finally get around to Luke Cage, or maybe give […]