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Film Review: Justice League Doesn’t Earn Its Hero Shot

A superhero team-up movie like Justice League is all about memorable character interactions and inevitable hero shots. Loki and Ultron, for example, don’t ultimately matter in their respective turns as Avengers villains. The same goes […]

Film Review: Murder on the Orient Express Never Quite Figures Out What It Wants to Be

“A single-location murder mystery crowded with intense psychological portraits, shifting loyalties, pleasantly nasty surprises, a gallery of stars, panoramic vistas and keyhole surgery into the darkest corners of the human heart? Who wouldn’t take such […]

The Joyous Energy of Thor: Ragnarok: A Spoiler-Filled Review

When it comes to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Thor has always been the most problematic of characters. It’s nothing against Chris Hemsworth, who’s never less than charismatic when he hoists his mighty hammer into the air, […]

An Updated Ranking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Post-Ragnarok

With Thor: Ragnarok finally in theaters we’ve officially reached the end of one of the biggest years in Marvel Studios history. This year was the first year that Marvel put out three new movies, and […]

Film Review: A Bad Moms Christmas & A Brief History of the Cash Grab Sequel

Why is A Bad Moms Christmas coming out the first weekend of November? We’re not even to Thanksgiving yet and here’s a Christmas movie. WTF? Moreover, why is there already a Bad Moms sequel even […]

Thor: Ragnarok Doesn’t Quite Pull Off Its Attempted Guardians of the Galaxy Make-Over, But It’s Fun Watching It Try

Thor: Ragnarok left me with the overwhelming urge to re-watch Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. What does James Gunn get about how to make one of these movies that Taika Waititi doesn’t, I wondered. Because […]

Film Review: Battle of the Sexes Depresses and Empowers At the Same Time

Two things happened in 2013 which led to the making of Battle of the Sexes. First, PBS’s American Masters documentary series devoted an episode to the life of women’s tennis champion Billie Jean King. Second, […]

Hulu Review: Too Funny to Fail Hilariously Explores One of TV’s Most Notorious Flops

I am one of the six million. Hulu’s Too Funny to Fail, a documentary about the rise and downfall of the short-lived ABC series The Dana Carvey Show, states that the first episode’s infamous opening […]

Film Review: Happy Death Day Is a Lot of Fun

You really feel your age when you’re a man in your 30s seeing a PG-13 horror movie in a theater surrounded by teenage girls and even some giggling pre-teens. Even if the movie ends up […]

Film Review: Is There More to Brad’s Status Than Just “Facebook Made Ben Stiller Sad”?

Decades ago, Mike White and his father toured prospective colleges together, and the experience set off a kind of mid-life crisis in the elder of the two. Faced with the prospect of losing his son […]