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The X-Files “My Struggle II” Review: Going Out With a Whimper

This again? That was my immediate response to the opening and indeed the entirety of “My Struggle II,” last night’s X-Files season finale. The season began (in “My Struggle I”) with Mulder first explaining his […]

The X-Files’ “Babylon” Review: We’re Not Going to Be Able to Fix That Right Now

“Babylon,” the fifth episode of X-Files current season, went to a very risky place, and it didn’t make it through unscathed. However, you could have seen that inevitable outcome coming over a year ago. Flash […]

X-Files Review: Scully Confronts Life’s Little Mysteries in the Scattershot “Home Again”

Coming into this X-Files mini-series, I expected aliens, monsters, Mulder the believer, Scully the skeptic and at least one funny episode. What I didn’t expect was how deeply personal some of the episodes would feel. […]

Review: What “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” Says About Us (A Second Opinion)

“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” is the X-Files episode so nice we had to review it twice. Kelly’s a casual X-Files fan. Here’s his review. Julianne is a hardcore fan. The following is her […]

Review: The Audacity of “Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” – This is How I Like My Mulder

“Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster” is the X-Files episode so nice we had to review it twice. Julianne’s a hardcore X-Files fan. Here’s her review. Kelly is a casual fan. The following is his […]

It’s Feels Like Its Old Self, But Is the New X-Files Wasting An Opportunity to Do So Much More?

After two episodes, I am fully on-board with the new X-Files (read my review). However, io9’s Katharine Trendacosta made a fairly compelling argument yesterday that Chris Carter has failed to delve as deeply into modern […]

TV Review: The New X-Files Needs Two Episodes to Make You a Believer Again

In one of Chuck Klosterman’s various books about pop culture, he recounts the story of how Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy taught him about the divide between fan and performer. While preparing a SPIN article about […]