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Name: Julianne Ramsey

Title: Co-Owner, Writer

E-mail: jeramsey@wichita.edu

Bio: Julianne Ramsey is just your typical wallflower, high school theatre nerd who minored in film studies, attained her M.A. in English Literature,works as a substitute teacher, and decided to go to nursing school, but really wants to be a writer who blogs about pop culture, and then have people who. . .wait for it. . .actually read/ look forward to what she writes. In her spare time (when it’s there), she watches one of her many blu-rays or DVDs (about 800 now), reads her kindle (one of the greatest inventions ever), plays songs on her ipod (another one of the greatest inventions ever), obsesses over Broadway musicals and horror films, and plays her guitar (badly). In other words, she has no life that doesn’t revolve aroung pop culture or school. Sigh.

Favorite Films:  The Godfather, Casablanca, Memento, Singin’ in the Rain, Ed Wood, Manhattan, Some Like it Hot, Duck Soup, The General, Back to the Future, Princess Bride, The Producers, Tootsie, Amadeus, Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Halloween, The Fly

Favorite Television Shows: Buffy, the Vampier Slayer,  Doctor Who, Justified, Vampire Diaries, Fringe, The  X-Files, The Dick van Dyke Show, Battlestar Galactica,

Favorite Music: The Smiths, Swell Season, Ben Folds, R.E.M., Ryan Adams, Magnetic Fields, Stephen Sondheim, U2, Billy Joel, Les Miserables, Rent, Next to Normal

Favorite Books: Let me think. What have I read lately? Skippy Dies, Empire Falls, Wonder Boys, Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay, American Gods, Brideshead Revisited, This is Where I Leave You, Lolita, Bossypants, Hamlet, Pride and Prejudice, Dead Zone, Kite Runner

Quantification of Her Pop Culture Consumption Habits: I own about 800 DVDs and Blu-Rays, and I constantly seek out new books to read, bands to play, and musicals about which to obsess


  1. Was Princess Brode as good as Princess Bride? I actually am enjoying your Dr Who key episode recaps, despite the lack of an over-arching explanation of the show. You two really are entertaining, considering the misanthropic nature of at least 50% of the writing staff. Cheers!

  2. Only pop culture tv shows? Nothing more ambitious? I don’t necessarily mean Masterpiece Theatre, but shows like “The Wire,” “Breaking Bad,” and “Justified” have re-made TV. I guess more than a few critics have already made that point. I just like to make lots of folks aware of those shows.

    1. The intent of the site is to cast a pretty wide net across the pop culture spectrum, most specifically film and television, to allow us to write about whichever things we like instead of sticking to just science fiction shows like Doctor Who or fantasy/horror shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This does include shows like Breaking Bad – which I agree is amazing. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. As for the shows Julianne likes, I’ll have to sheepishly admit to having not quite jumped on the Justified train yet myself, but I’ve seen first hand how much she adores it. In fact, she’s been trying to get me to watch it for quite a while now.

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