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How “Days of Future Past” Ripped Off Doctor Who & 5 Other Surprising Parts of X-Men Comic Book History

The X-Men almost didn’t make it. First introduced as a Stan Lee/Jack Kirby co-creation in September 1963 and featuring a team consisting of Professor Xavier, Cyclops, Marvel Girl (aka, Jean Grey), Iceman, Angel and Beast, sales […]

The Origin of “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” & 7 Other Surprising Parts of Spider-Man’s Comic Book History

Premiering in the final issue of Amazing Fantasy (#15, Aug. 1962) before anchoring his own solo line The Amazing Spider-Man (March 1963), Spider-Man has long been the poster boy and franchise character for Marvel Comics. […]

Why His Shield Is Round & 6 Other Surprising Parts of Captain America’s 74-Year Comic Book History

Superman celebrated his 75th anniversary last year, and now it’s Batman’s turn this year.  However, Captain America is the one who actually has a new movie coming out this year, which marks the 74th anniversary […]

The History of DC Comics’ The Flash on TV (Live-Action and Animation)

Based upon longevity, cross-platform popularity, and cultural penetration (film, TV, comics), D.C. Comics is thought of as having three iconic characters: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. So, where does that put The Flash?  He’s been […]

Kryptonite & 9 Other Popular Parts of the Superman Story We Owe to Film, Radio, and Television

Thursday was Superman’s 75 year anniversary. As such, we thought it would be fun to look at story elements popularly associated with Superman which originated in film, television, and radio. Superman had real possibilities from […]