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Tracy Scott: Honoring the Work of a Woman We Never Noticed Even Though She Worked on 5 Best Picture Nominees

Just over two weeks ago, the film industry lost a woman who was an instrumental part of the creative teams behind loads of movies you’ve probably heard of (American Hustle, Concussion, Her, Foxcatcher, Joy, Whiplash, […]

Asking Whether Or Not Batman v Superman Is a Box Office Hit Is Asking the Wrong Question

Batman v Superman is a hit, so says comScore box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian. He was but one of several analysts quoted in The Hollywood Reporter‘s recent article “Box Office: The Verdict for Batman v […]

How Far Will Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Fall This Weekend?

A rough translation of Warner Bros.’ Current Marketing for Batman v Superman: Bad reviews? Bring it on! We’re the home of bad superhero movies, and you can’t stop us! [Maniacal laugh] People will keep on […]

What Will the Disney Machine Do With Zootopia Now?

The most important thing about Zootopia is that it’s amazing. Like Best Picture amazing. Correction. The most important thing about Zootopia is that it is selling tickets at a historic rate for an animated movie […]

Did You Or Anyone You Know See The Bronze This Weekend?

I was dead to the world this weekend. That’s what happens when you decide to watch and review all 13 episodes of Daredevil’s second season. I was vaguely aware of the (apparently not good) new […]

Hollywood is “Whiter Than a Yeti in Snow Storm Fighting Tilda Swinton,” Now Verified By Science

I used to work as a research assistant at a college, gathering data, preparing reports and writing academic articles. Dr. Stacy Smith et al.’s new report out of the USC Annenberg School for Communication and […]

The Finest Hours Continues the Recent Box Office Struggles of “Inspired By a True Story” Event Movies

Another “inspired by a true story” event movie has come and bombed. This time it’s The Finest Hours, which I quite liked (here’s my review). It reportedly cost $70-80 million to produce, but only made […]

What is the Box Office Impact of a Golden Globe Win for Best Picture?

Simple question: Does winning a Golden Globe for Best Picture have any impact on a movie’s bottom line at the box office? There’s the presumed Oscar bump for Best Picture winners, or at least there […]

4 Ways The Film Industry Will Try to Fix Its Feast or Famine Problem in 2016

There is a wonderful sequence in the otherwise not-so-wonderful Tomorrowland where Brad Bird’s plucky protagonist Casey (Britt Robertson) goes through a montage of hearing one high school teacher after another explain the various ways the […]

The Downside of 2015’s Record-Setting Box Office

What a difference a new Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Avengers movie makes. In 2014, overall domestic box office hit its lowest level since 2011 and actual attendance plunged to a paltry 1.27 billion, the […]