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How Greta Gerwig Tackled the Challenge of Directing Lady Bird

Sometimes it’s the projects you don’t do which shape your career more than the ones you do. For example, Greta Gerwig wanted to be a playwright. The MFA program she applied to didn’t see it […]

How Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri Became the Year’s Most Divisive Critical Darling

This is a spoiler-filled discussion of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, the current Oscar front-runner and a film that a lot of people have a lot of problems with.  When I saw Martin McDonagh’s Three […]

Danny Elfman Says Film Reboots Should Carry Over the Old Musical Scores. Is He Right?

It’s 2003. I’m watching Terminator 3, a sequel to one of my favorite films of all time. Arnold hasn’t been the Arnold of old – undisputed box office king, lovably limited thespian – in ages, […]

Brief Reminder: Justice League Employed 1,700 People, None of Whom Set Out to Make a Bad Movie

Almost all comic book movies these days come with at least one post-credits scene. Justice League is no different. In fact, it has two. There’s a funny one as well as a remarkably important one […]

The Story Behind the Making of The Running Man

Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of The Running Man, a movie that asks what a Philip K. Dick story would look like if it had been made by a Joel Silver type. […]

Depressing Thought: Directing a Marvel Movie Does Little For Your Career

-Who the hell do you think are? We’re the guys who made two Captain America movies! -And that’s supposed to matter to us, um, why? That’s roughly how Joe and Anthony Russo’s proposed partnership with […]

Ragnarok, Guardians, Homecoming & Marvel’s New Approach to Romance & Sex

Ragnarok spoilers below. I did a really lazy thing the other day. While talking to my brother about whether Thor: Ragnarok has any female characters my 5-year-old niece might like I casually referred to Tessa […]

On Trying to Understand the Stranger Things Phenomenon

I have now watched the first 4 episodes of Stranger Things: Season 2, but before I write about them I need to get this nagging question out of my head. It’s a question I don’t […]

On Not Knowing How to Feel About the Joss Whedon Controversy

Joss Whedon’s ex-wife, Kai Cole, claims in an op-ed for TheWrap that he’s a hypocrite who uses his reputation as a feminist to deflect blame and suspicion away from his many transgressions, which apparently includes years of […]

Review: MST3K Live! Proves Netflix Needs to Renew This Show

I bought a ticket to the MST3K Live! Watch Out for Snakes Tour the second they went on sell. I didn’t even give it a second thought, which is weird because I cannot claim to […]