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On Not Knowing How to Feel About the Joss Whedon Controversy

Joss Whedon’s ex-wife, Kai Cole, claims in an op-ed for TheWrap that he’s a hypocrite who uses his reputation as a feminist to deflect blame and suspicion away from his many transgressions, which apparently includes years of […]

Review: MST3K Live! Proves Netflix Needs to Renew This Show

I bought a ticket to the MST3K Live! Watch Out for Snakes Tour the second they went on sell. I didn’t even give it a second thought, which is weird because I cannot claim to […]

Where I Am Going Tonight

In the not too distant future, as in just 10 hours from now, I will be seeing something kind of cool: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live. I share this not to brag or gloat or […]

The Deeply Stupid Cannes-Netflix Controversy, Explained

Among all the film festivals in the world, Cannes has always stood out as being especially rowdy. In that way, it’s the Golden Globes of film festivals just with more prestige and economic importance. As […]

Nostalgia Buster: Does Overboard’s Kidnap-And-Brainwash Plot Hold Up in 2017?

Overboard, director Gary Marshall’s 1987 snobs and slobs rom-com, is one of those movies everyone of a certain age seems to have seen and loved. When the We Hate Movies podcast guys, all of whom […]

How Ron Perlman Became Hellboy

During his recent Planet Comicon panel, Ron Perlman told a lovely story about how exactly he came to be Hellboy. Who cares? He’s old news! We’re going to have a new Hellboy soon. An R-Rated […]

Doing My Best to Not Care If Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Is Better, Worse or Just as Good As the First One

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 review embargo lifted yesterday, and the internet was flooded with mixed reviews from critics and Youtubers. The consensus? Vol. 2 is a sequel. Thanks, Captain Obvious. No, I […]

How Have I Never Seen One of the Fast and the Furious Movies?

According to BoxOfficeMojo, since 2001 the seven Fast and the Furious films have sold 172,497,200 movie tickets in the United States and Canada. Not a single one of those tickets was purchased by me. Yes, […]

The Hays Code Was Created 87 Years Ago Today. Here Are Some Examples of Pre-Code Hollywood.

March 31, 1930, a date that will live in…minor notoriety? To be honest, it’s not even a date I normally remember as being important, but thanks to an NPR report this morning I was reminded […]

Literally Just a Video of Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Lines Spliced Into Star Wars IV-VI

YouTube and its curious algorithm just recommended that I watch this 4-year-old video of Arnold Schwarzenegger movie lines spliced into Darth Vader scenes from Star Wars IV, V and VI. If this ever changing world in […]