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The Check-In: How Are You Feeling About Netflix’s Original Movies Now?

Thanks to Netflix, 2018 is the first time HBO hasn’t had the most Emmy nominations in nearly two decades. However, those nominations went almost exclusively to Netflix’s various TV shows, limited or otherwise. What about […]

Marvel Studios Year in Review: 2018

Ant-Man and the Wasp has yet to roll out to several major countries and thus faces an uncertain financial future, but those of us in the U.S. and elsewhere have now seen everything Marvel Studios […]

Rian Johnson & Other Creators Standing Up to Manbabies

Toxic fandom is inescapable these days. Far too often, it seems to be wrapped up in sexism or racism or both, with predominantly male fans trolling female stars of film (Star Wars, first Daisy Riddley, now […]

Reflecting on Texas Frightmare 2018: A Survival Guide

I sat next to Jason Voorhees and lived to tell the tale. In fact, the dude politely waved at me. Of course, Jason’s not real. I’m simply describing one of the more memorable moments from […]

Hereditary’s D+ CinemaScore, Explained

Oh, A24, those mischievous bastards have done it again. They’ve ridden the horror movie hype train straight into box office glory and near-instantaneous pushback. Hereditary delivered both their biggest opening weekend of all time ($13m) […]

The Check-In: Have You Reached Superhero Fatigue Yet?

Wakanda forever, Black Panther. Hey Infinity War, I’m still not feeling so good. Hah. Storyline reference. Deadpool 2. Meta! Fridging! Jokes! Crazy marketing! Oh, what about that post credits-scene! Amiright? Good times. As Ron Burgundy […]

Let’s Talk About Deadpool 2’s Fridging Controversy

The problem with having a self-aware central character who regularly points out the artifice of his own reality is that it creates a certain set of expectations. Like, for example, if your movie starts with […]

Deadpool 2’s Marketing Might Be More Interesting Than the Actual Movie

Deadpool 2 spoilers below.  Deadpool isn’t real. He’s just an early 90s Rob Liefeld fever dream with an intentional Spider-Man knockoff costume who has since become Ryan Reynolds’ personal mascot and career-saver. We all know […]

Comcast & Disney’s Fight for 21st Century Fox Might Be Decided By Taxes

In this new age of corporate consolidation, it’s starting to get weird out there. AT&T’s still firing people left and right and weathering a PR storm over the revelation it paid President Trump’s fixer fifty […]

Why Horror? – Part 1

I’m going to Texas Frightmare this weekend, which is self-described as “The Southwest’s Premier Horror Convention” and is arguably the largest horror convention in the nation. This year’s guests include Clive Barker, Doug Bradley, Kane […]