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Venom Trailer Reaction: Taking An Admirably Big Swing

“See we didn’t forget to put Venom in the movie!” That was Tom Rothman’s defiant boast from the stage of Sony’s CinemaCon presentation in Las Vegas. A couple months back his film studio put out a […]

Fallen Kingdom Trailer Reaction: Does This Mean Jurassic World Is a Gothic Horror Franchise Now?

After Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom‘s first official plot description and over-hyped trailer were met with mockery and confusion, Colin Trevorrow took to the internet to defend what has now effectively become his franchise. J.A. Boyona […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Reaction

So, Chewbacca’s really old, guys, as in he was probably pushing 200 by the time we met him in A New Hope. Suddenly lines like “Laugh it up, fuzzball” feel a little closer to elder […]

Deadpool 2 Trailer Reaction: Wade Said Knock You Out

Have we ever seen anything quite like Deadpool 2 before? I don’t mean the actual movie. The bigger and better superhero sequel is almost as old as the genre itself, even if this particular sequel […]

Five Avengers: Infinity War Predictions, Based on the New Trailer

You’ve read the title of the article. No reason to beat around the bush with an intro. Here’s the trailer: In the interest of transparency, the last time I did one of these predictions articles […]

Jason Blum Explains Why Blumhouse Made a New Benji Movie

It’s no secret that I’m an admirer of Jason Blum, both the horror films like Split, Get Out, and Happy Death Day he releases through micro-budget horror label Blumhouse and his against-the-grain business model which […]

Trailer Reaction: Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2

Well, here it is. The first trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 just dropped, but contrary to its title the trailer has yet to break the internet. For shame, Ralph. For shame! Aren’t you […]

An Alternate Reading of the Venom Teaser Trailer

Just when you feel like you’ve had your fill of superhero movie trailers for a while, Sony comes along and drops a brand new one for Venom. Suck it, Avenger: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and […]

Trailer Watch: Deadpool 2 & Jessica Jones

At this point, I’m beginning to think Deadpool 2’s marketing strategy is going to be more entertaining than the actual movie. There’s been a video of Deadpool utterly failing an attempted Christopher Reeve Superman impression. […]

A Paul Rudd Kind of Day: Ant-Man and the Wasp & Mute Trailers

Who doesn’t love Paul Rudd? Well, apparently this Facebook group doesn’t, but I’m assuming they’re doing a parody because, really, how can you hate Paul Rudd? So, why not start off your day with a […]