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6 Questions I Have After Watching Blade Runner: 2049

I saw Blade Runner for the first time two weeks ago and was immediately struck by the film’s ambiguity. I suddenly had a better understanding of why exactly Blade Runner: 2049 had been made. This […]

Everything You Need to Know About HBO’s The Deuce

David Simon knows you loved The Wire. He also knows you probably didn’t watch The Wire when it was actually on TV, i.e., when your patronage and fandom would have actually helped him. Instead, chances […]

Do You Know Anyone Who Has Watched Even a Single Episode of Ballers or Ray Donovan?

So, I open up Entertainment Weekly‘s big Comic-Con issue this morning, and what do I almost immediately see? A full-page ad for Ballers, Dwayne Johnson’s Entourage-lite dramedy which returns for its third season this Sunday, […]

Nitpicking Wonder Woman: The Answers to 10 Questions You Might Have After Seeing the Movie

You’ve seen Wonder Woman. So have I. OMG, how good was that No Man’s Land scene, right? You probably have some questions about the plot and future of the franchise. So do I. Roll the […]

10 Things I Learned from the Logan Blu-Ray – The Best Digital Effects In the Movie Are the Ones We Never Noticed

Into the great wasteland of Hollywood’s language neutral, China-appeasing blockbusters there occasionally comes a movie which causes everyone to stop and take notice of what proper blockbuster filmmaking actually looks like. It’s that rare film […]

10 Things I Learned at Planet Comicon 2017 & 15 Pieces of Advice for Future Convention Goers

I have now been to three pop culture/comic book conventions: Timmy Eddy, Dallas FanExpo and Planet Comicon in Kansas City, Missouri. Not to go all Goldilocks on you, but Timmy Eddy (a local Doctor Who […]

Top 10 Episodes of Lost Girl – Canada’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel Hybrid

Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, Emmanuelle Vaugier and Rachel Skarsten are in Kansas City this weekend for Planet Comic-Con. Their five-season run (eh, technically Skarsten was only there for three of the five season) together on Lost […]

Ranking the Last 7 Episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return, From Worst to Best

I have now my finished my binge of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return. I previously ranked the first 7 episodes and shared my general thoughts on the new show versus the old one (conclusion: […]

Ranking the First 7 Episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

The “not too distant future” is now. Well, kind of. It’s not the year 3000 yet, but we have now passed April 14, 2017, meaning Netflix’s Kickstarter-funded Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return is here […]

4 Things I Learned From Ahmed Best’s New I Was There Too Interview #TryPod

There was a hashtag movement last month called #trypod, but I, as a Stand By Me character might put it, really screwed the pooch. Podcast hosts everywhere encouraged all of us to not only recommend a podcast […]