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Quite Improbably, The Child’s Play Franchise Now Has Competing Projects From Different Rights Holders

When The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed MGM is fast-tracking a Child’s Play reboot to be directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) and produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith (It) there were two names crucially missing […]

AMC’s A-List Has Its Sights Set on MoviePass, But A Battle With the Film Studios Is Looming

File this one under: only for those who really, really care about the nitty-gritty of the box office. Ever since AMC announced its MoviePass killer Stubs A-List, a $20 monthly subscription plan which allows members […]

AT&T To HBO: Be More Like Netflix; HBO to AT&T: Yes, Sir. Whatever You Want, Sir.

There is something so contemptible about being told by someone who knows nothing about your industry that you need to do better. However, this has been the general reality in Hollywood for the last half […]

There Is a Case for Firing Kathleen Kennedy & It Has Nothing to Do With the Fans

Over the past month, the internet has been ripe with speculation that Kathleen Kennedy’s days as Lucasfilm boss are numbered. The latest comes from Grace Randolph’s YouTube Channel, which cites an anonymous Disney insider in […]

What Will Become of Indie Theaters in the MoviePass vs. AMC War?

First, there was MoviePass. Then, there was Sinemia. Now there’s AMC’s Stubbs A-List. Pretty soon, the Alamo Drafthouse will possibly have a subscription service of its own. The movie theater economy is changing in a […]

Bad Blood: Looking Back at Comcast’s Attempt to Buy Disney in 2004

Did Comcast CEO Brian Roberts just Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot Bob Iger? That statement requires more explanation: Starring in 1992’s Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot was one of the worst decisions of […]

Why Jason Blum’s New Deal to Make Chinese Horror Movies Is So Surprising

Jason Blum and Tang Media’s CEO Donald Tang just made a surprise announcement at the Shanghai Film Festival: they’ve agreed to partner on a series of Chinese-language horror and thriller films to be distributed in […]

Steve Trevor Is In Wonder Woman 2 (Correction: Wonder Woman 1984). Are You Cool With That?

Well, that was unexpected. The Wonder Woman sequel which is now working under the official, fantastically Orwellian title Wonder Woman 1984 started filming two days ago. To celebrate the occasion, Patty Jenkins did this: Welcome […]

Tell Me How to Feel About Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Low Box Office Tracking

Everything about Ant-Man is small, at least by Marvel Cinematic Universe standards. That goes for the budget ($130m), box office ($180m domestic/$519m worldwide), stakes (it’s a family friendly heist film about orchestrating a break-in to […]

The People Responsible for Those DC Movies You Probably Didn’t Like Aren’t in Charge Anymore

In 2013, Warner Bros. released not just a franchise-starter, but a brand new cinematic universe. Take that, Marvel Studios. Your MCU is so hot? Well, here’s our own thing. We’re making direct sequels, spin-offs, sequels […]