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Jessica Jones Season 2: My Reaction to Episodes 10-13

Too late in the season to avoid them now. So, spoilers below: Jessica Jones: Season 2 is about a great many things, It’s beyond obvious to say it’s all about family – Jess re-gaining and […]

Jessica Jones Season 2: My Reaction to Episodes 7-9

To this point, I’ve been trying to write these reactions in a somewhat spoiler-lite fashion. Netflix did, after all, drop the season closer to the middle of the week than the end. Maybe you’re waiting […]

Jessica Jones Season 2: My Reaction to Episodes 4-6

If you look back at Jessica Jones‘ first season and compare it to the second, it becomes clear that in Melissa Rosenberg’s superhero season playbook (which she’s adapted from the Daredevil playbook) you drop the […]

Jessica Jones Season 2: My Reaction to the First 3 Episodes

So, Jessica Jones, huh. It’s been a while. I know, I know. Jessica was just in The Defenders last year, but like some of the more disposable Marvel Studios movies The Defenders is a thing […]

A Binge-Watcher’s Diary: Melted Toy Soldiers & Rescued Barbies in Jessica Jones (Eps. 4-6)

Spoilers ahead for Jessica Jones’s fourth (“99 Friends”), fifth (“The Sandwich That Saved Me”) and sixth (“You’re a Winner!”) episodes. In this era of streaming TV, we so often find ourselves talking to friends who […]

A Binge-Watcher’s Diary: Liking, Not Loving Jessica Jones’ First 3 Episodes

Spoilers ahead for the first 3 episodes only. I don’t completely love Jessica Jones’ first 3 episodes, and I don’t entirely know why. But, first, some housecleaning: I am not going to do episode-by-episode reviews […]