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How An Inability to Work With Chevy Chase Led Chris Columbus to Home Alone

When Chris Columbus was hired to direct the first Harry Potter movie, one of the things he had going for him was the absolute wealth of experience he already had with working with kid actors.  […]

An Oral History of Last Action Hero: The Ultimate Cautionary Tale (Part 2)

It started out as an idea between two aspiring screenwriters fresh out of college.  Then they went through an extreme crash course in how things are done in Hollywood. That’s been the story so far […]

An Oral History of Last Action Hero: A Crash Course in Hollywood (Part 1)

In the new movie Final Girls, a fire breaks out in a theater screening an old 1980s slasher flick, and a group of friends escape by tearing a hole through the movie screen, magically transporting […]

15 Things I Just Learned About the 1995 Mortal Kombat Movie

When Paul Scheer, Jason Mantzoukas and June Diane Raphael reviewed the 1995 Mortal Kombat movie for their fantastic podcast How Did This Get Made?, they concluded that it wasn’t even worthy of being regarded as […]

“You Want to Blow Up the White House?”: An Oral History of the Film Independence Day

Independence Day is one of my earliest memories of living through one of those cultural moments in which everyone becomes obsessed with the same movie months before anyone’s actually seen it.  Prior to its July […]

Behind the Scenes of Mad Men: Alternate Endings, Heated Negotiations & Proposed Spin-Offs

Mad Men is the ultimate prestige drama.  Even with its occasional dips in quality across its first six and a half seasons and recent run of being ignored by awards shows, it remains one of […]

25 Stories from the Set of Friends, In Their Own Words

I’m the guy who will still quote Ross from Friends and cry out, “Pivot! Piv-Ot!” whenever I help people move. I’ll also probably throw in a bit of Joey’s continued cry “No more Joey and […]

15 Interesting Stories from the Set of Christmas Vacation, In Their Own Words

I didn’t watch Christmas Vacation this Christmas season. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t a part of my Christmas. Every time my older brother got a text message on his phone I heard Clark’s line from […]

18 Outrageous Facts About Batman Begins, In Their Own Words

In honor of today’s release of Christopher Nolan’s already-divisive Interstellar, here’s a look back at 18 outrageous facts about Batman Begins. It wasn’t the first film Christopher Nolan made, but for many it was the […]