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Mission: Impossible, Teen Titans & Inflation: 4 Takeaways From the Weekend Box Office

Weekend box office reporting, go! 1. Mission Impossible Managed to Finally Grow Its Audience (Except Not) In his recent interview on Variety’s podcast, Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie lamented the franchise’s frustrating stasis […]

Box Office: Detroit and Atomic Blonde Illustrate the Limits of Treating Ticket-Buying Decisions as Social Activism

Failure, not success, will be the true arbiter of the future of Hollywood’s diversity initiative. Hit movies happen all the time for a variety of reasons, usually coming down to some hard-to-replicate combination of being […]

Box Office: Can Logan Avoid the X-Men Franchise’s Notorious Second Weekend Curse?

After X-Men: Apocalypse‘s opening weekend I put together a piece detailing the X-Men franchise’s long history with big second weekend drops. Below is an updated version of that same article which now reflect Apocalypse‘s final numbers and […]

Box Office: The Accountant, Inferno & The Brief Resurgence of the Mid-Budget Hit

So, The Accountant is a hit ($24.7 million in 3 days, good enough for a #1 debut), and Ben Affleck is a bonafide movie star again. So I hear. Inferno is an international hit ($50 […]

Box Office: The Curiously, But Consistently Front-Loaded X-Men Franchise

Ever since the start of the new millennium, there have been very few constants in pop culture other than X-Men. Music fads have come and gone. Popular film franchises have flamed out and been rebooted […]

Civil War: A Reflection on the (In)Significance of $1 Billion Worldwide as a Box Office Milestone

Remember the first Austin Powers movie when Dr. Evil explains his plan is to use a stolen warhead to hold the world ransom for one million dollars, and his second in command quickly interjects, “Don’t […]

Box Office: How The Lobster, Sing Street & Other Recent Indies Are Faring in the Specialty Market

One of my local theaters has devoted nearly its entire eastern wing to Captain America: Civil War. Of the 6 auditoriums located in that section, four are currently playing Civil War; the other two are […]

Box Office: Will Captain America: Civil War Pull Off Something Which Has Eluded Marvel Since The Avengers?

It’s a question without an answer: With Captain America: Civil War now on path to gross well beyond $1 billion worldwide, has 2016 already peaked? Of course, I mean that in terms of box office, […]

Comparing Batman v Superman’s Box Office Decline to the Dark Knight Trilogy & Marvel Cinematic Universe

After grossing an additional $5.5m in North America this weekend, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now up to $319.5m domestic, $532.1m international and $851.6m worldwide off of a $250m production budget and who […]

The Jungle Book’s Four-Quadrant Box Office: Where Does It Rank Next to Disney’s Other Live-Action Fairy Tales?

“This is as balanced as I’ve ever seen on any of the Disney live-action films we’ve worked on,” said Dave Hollis, Disney’s distribution chief, while talking to the press yesterday about The Jungle Book‘s $103.5m […]