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Clearing Space on the DVR: Saying Goodbye to Gotham

Last night, Fox’s Batman prequel series Gotham introduced its version of The Scarecrow, the latest in the show’s long line of well-known comic book villains. We know the character as Dr. Jonathan Crane, a deranged […]

What the Hell IS This Show? – A Reaction To Gotham’s “Selina Kyle” and “Balloonman” Episodes

In the end, it was the “Oy” that did it.  That was the moment in this week’s episode (“Balloonman”) of Gotham that caused me to throw my hands in the air in disbelief and wonder […]

TV Review: Gotham – Would I Keep Watching If This Wasn’t Set in Batman’s Universe?

Gotham is the Point B of TV shows.  What I mean by that is that Points A and C of the Batman origin story are universally known.  A rich kid watches his parents killed in […]