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Doctor Who’s “World Enough and Time”: We’ve Been Waiting for This

This is it. In the blink of an eye, the entire season has flown by, and we’ve now arrived at the two-part finale. Pretty soon we will see that last scenes Steven Moffat ever writes […]

Doctor Who’s “The Eaters of Light”: Outlander Did It

Well, that was a waste of time. After “Empress of Mars” ended with a tantalizing and hotly debated final exchange between The Doctor and Missy, “The Eaters of Light” saw fit to ignore all of […]

Doctor Who’s “The Empress of Mars”: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I’ve been accused (and perhaps fairly so) of reading too much into Doctor Who’s recent episodes, seeing social commentary where I wanted to. As such, I hesitate to share my views on “The Empress of […]

“The Lie of the Land” Finds Doctor Who At Its Most Political Since “The Happiness Patrol”

Doctor Who’s now-concluded three-parter confirmed what we might already have guessed: Steven Moffat is going out swinging. This is his final ride as Doctor Who head honcho, and after putting in the requisite work to […]

Doctor Who’s “The Pyramid at the End of the World”: It’s In Our Nature to Destroy Ourselves

Steven Moffat announced his impending departure from Doctor Who on January 23, 2016. Since then, the whole damn world has seemingly lost its mind in a myriad of ways. The UK is leaving the European […]

Doctor Who’s “Extremis”: Do Artificial Doctors Dream of Electric Sheep?

Some people believe we’re all living in The Matrix, and Steven Moffat just delivered a wonderfully clever and so very Doctor Who spin on that modern paranoia in “Extremis,” the first installment in a promised […]

Doctor Who’s “Oxygen”: Attack of the Space Suits

The last time Charlie Palmer wrote for Doctor Who he produced two of the show’s best all-time episodes, the season 3 two-parter “Human Nature”/ “The Family of Blood.” It’s seven seasons later, and he’s finally […]

Doctor Who Slips Into Horror Movie Mode in “Knock Knock”

“Knock Knock” finds Doctor Who in horror-movie mode, with naïve twentysomethings trapped in a building which is somehow alive and knocking them off one by one. Then [spoiler alert] it turns out alien wood bugs […]

I LOVE That Episode: Doctor Who’s “Heaven Sent”

Sometimes a specific episode of a television show comes along and causes us to sit back in satisfied awe at the wonder we have witnessed. These are the episodes we refer to as classic without […]

“Clara Who?”: Why “Hell Bent” Should Silence Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who Critics

Spoilers for Doctor Who’s season 4 and season 9 finales below. In 2008, I watched in horror as Donna Noble begged The Doctor to stop. A character whose bark and bluster hid a crippling lack […]