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Will You Subscribe to DC Universe?

Every nerd reaches that point where they’re told they need to sell their comic book collection, grow up, be an adult – all of that stuff Shannen Doherty was yelling at Jason Lee about at […]

James Gunn, Roseanne & Anthony Anderson: The Inexact Science Behind Disney’s Zero Tolerance

James Gunn made some tasteless jokes on Twitter. Anthony Anderson is still being investigated by the LAPD for assault. They both work for Disney. Correction: only one of them still works for Disney. Can you […]

Disney Will Release Whatever Fox Has Finished or In Production & That Might Include a Family Guy Movie

“Disney will release all of Fox’s movies that are complete or in production at the time of the acquisition, said a person with knowledge of its plans. It’s less certain what will happen to films […]

6 Story Pitches for Star Trek’s New Jean-Luc Picard Show

Patrick Stewart’s career has been blessed. Just last year, he said goodbye to the beloved sci-fi character, Charles Xavier, he played off and on for nearly two decades. Now, he’s returning to that other beloved […]

Quite Improbably, The Child’s Play Franchise Now Has Competing Projects From Different Rights Holders

When The Hollywood Reporter recently revealed MGM is fast-tracking a Child’s Play reboot to be directed by Lars Klevberg (Polaroid) and produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith (It) there were two names crucially missing […]

AT&T To HBO: Be More Like Netflix; HBO to AT&T: Yes, Sir. Whatever You Want, Sir.

There is something so contemptible about being told by someone who knows nothing about your industry that you need to do better. However, this has been the general reality in Hollywood for the last half […]

The Utter Inevitability of the Roseanne Controversy

Somebody said something bad on Twitter and got punished for it. I’m still letting that sink in. Roseanne Barr cracked a truly awful joke and hours later her show was canceled, wiping out the jobs […]

Three Possible Explanations for Why Fox Decided to Cancel Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Update 5-12: Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been saved. Season 6 will air on NBC. Huzzah! TV shows get canceled. Fans get upset. That’s just, like, the law. Sometimes, however, those upset fans cry out in such […]

Blumhouse Is Doing a Horror Anthology Series for Hulu With a Holiday Twist

Consider me intrigued. From io9: Hulu and Blumhouse are teaming up to make Into the Dark, a 12-part horror series where each episode will take place around a holiday—starting with Halloween, of course. At today’s […]

What to Expect from Hulu’s J.J. Abrams/Stephen King Series Castle Rock

With Westworld rounding a creative corner and turning into the series it was always meant to be, producer J.J. Abrams has a new mystery box narrative to set up. This time, it will be on […]