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Reminder: Titans & Young Justice Will Also Be Used to Launch a Streaming Service

This is how TV is in 2017: The networks hate airing shows they don’t actually own. They’re all terrified of Netflix. And they all want to have their own subscription streaming service (eventually). Basically, it’s […]

The Emmys and Beyond: The Best (and Worst) TV I Watched This Year

Whenever the Primetime Emmy Awards roll around, bloggers have various obvious tracks they can take. There’s the tried-and-true predictions list, usually broken down into who will win versus who should win. There’s the snubs list […]

Everything You Need to Know About HBO’s The Deuce

David Simon knows you loved The Wire. He also knows you probably didn’t watch The Wire when it was actually on TV, i.e., when your patronage and fandom would have actually helped him. Instead, chances […]

Inhumans Fallout: IMAX & ABC Had a Good IDea. Too Bad Marvel Dropped the Ball.

Marvel and ABC’s Inhumans just debuted in IMAX theaters across the world last weekend as a first-of-its-kind deal debuting a TV show in movie theaters months before its actual TV premiere. It didn’t go well. […]

Here’s A Chart Breaking Down How Much Apple, Amazon, Netflix & The Rest Are Spending on Digital TV

Sleep-deprived TV critics who can’t possibly keep track of yet another original content creator breathed a sigh of relief when NBC pulled the plug on SeeSo and WGN shuddered its original programming division. Finally, a […]

My Favorite King of the Hill Scene

Another week, another story about a classic TV show being revived. This time, it’s King of the Hill because all of The Simpsons‘ old animated counterparts on Fox must eventually come back – first Family Guy, […]

My Thoughts on Iron Fist Season 2 & The Defenders Trailer

Netflix cancels shows now. It’s kind of a big deal. They didn’t used to, but when you’re spending billions on original programming and making back mere millions you’re going to have to start pulling the […]

A Sampling of Internet Comments: Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who Casting is Just as Polarizing as Expected 

So, Broadchurch actress Jodie Whittaker is officially the first female Doctor in Doctor Who history and the internet doesn’t know how to feel about that. The above comes from the comments section of a interview with […]

“San Junipero” Originally Had a Scene That Was Too Sad, Even for Black Mirror

I love Black Mirror‘s “San Junipero.” You love “San Junipero.” We all love “San Junipero.” What’s that? You’ve never seen “San Junipero”? Even worse, you’ve seen it and think it’s overrated. Well, you’ve got some […]

Honeymoon Over? – Netflix Has Finally Canceled One of Its Shows After Just One Season

When it comes to its original shows, Netflix has been like Oprah handing out new cars – you get another season and you get another season and, in fact, you all get another season. With […]