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Where Does Legends of Tomorrow Go From Here?

The following has been written under the assumption that you’ve already seen Legends‘ season 2 finale “Aruba” If someone told me that from this point forward I could only watch one of the Arrow-verse shows […]

DC TV: Flash’s Magic, Legends of Tomorrow’s Altered Reality

Last night, Flash gave Barry the answer to defeating Savitar, and the not-so-legendary heroes of Legends of Tomorrow utterly failed to defeat the Legion of Doom. But, hey, Nate’s mom makes some wicked sandwiches. So, […]

DC TV: Flash’s Musical, Legends of Tomorrow’s Betrayal

Last night, Flash gave Barry and Kara a reason to sing, and the not-so-legendary knuckleheads on Legends of Tomorrow let the reality-altering McGuffin fall into the wrong hands. But, hey, they also met J.R.R. Tolkien […]

DC TV: Flash’s Ghosts, Legends of Tomorrow’s Fun on the Moon

Last night, Flash sent Barry back into the speed force to be judged by ghosts. The experience cost him his relationship with Iris (for some reason). Legends of Tomorrow landed on the moon, and, well, […]

DC TV: Flash’s Darn Secrets, Legends of Tomorrow’s Doctor Who Homage/Rip-Off

Last night, Flash revealed a bunch of secrets because the show’s writers seem incapable of creating drama without forcing the characters to lie to each other for no reason, and Legends of Tomorrow did its […]

Flash, Legends of Tomorrow & Arrow Are Going In Opposite Directions

To watch a Greg Berlanti-produced superhero show is to turn off your brain, to revel in the bright and light and ignore plot holes, consistently underwritten female characters and increasingly unruly ensemble casts who can […]

My Final Thoughts on the “Heroes Vs. Aliens” DC TV Crossover

That was a lot of fun. The end. Really, what more needs to be said about “Invasion!”, CW’s three show (Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) crossover event that also happened to co-star Supergirl? The alien […]

The Impermanence of a Comic Book Death: A Reaction to Superhero TV’s Recent Character Deaths

SPOILERS for Agents of SHIELD‘s season 3 finale, The Flash‘s “Invincible” (S2:E22) and Legends of Tomorrow‘s “Destiny” (S1:E15) Remember when people used to argue that superhero TV shows needed to start killing off characters? Yeah, […]

Legends of Tomorrow’s “The Magnificent Eight”: Funny Ha-Ha

fNear the halfway point of “The Magnificent Eight,” Sara Lance and Kendra Saunders pause to take in their surroundings as they ride horses in an open field while searching for a mysterious woman in the […]

Legends of Tomorrow’s “Progeny”: Let’s Not Kill Hitler

Let’s fix Legends of Tomorrow. As currently constructed, this is a perfectly fun show, but oh is it ever flawed. For example, apart from the fight between Mick and Leonard “Progeny” was nearly a complete […]