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The Inside Story on 5 Batman Movies Which Almost Got Made Before Batman Begins

Ten years ago today, Batman Begins came out, and the world collectively decided, “Eh, maybe I’ll see it if someone I know and trust tells me it’s really good.” After all, at that point, it […]

Batman 75: How Batman Returns Pissed Off McDonald’s & Cost Tim Burton His Job

Tim Burton recently told Yahoo Screen he was kicked off the Batman franchise after Batman Returns because he had pissed off McDonald’s. Here’s the story behind that. Once upon a time, Entertainment Weekly had a […]

18 Outrageous Facts About Batman Begins, In Their Own Words

In honor of today’s release of Christopher Nolan’s already-divisive Interstellar, here’s a look back at 18 outrageous facts about Batman Begins. It wasn’t the first film Christopher Nolan made, but for many it was the […]

Batman 75: The 7 Batman Movies & 1 TV Show That Almost Got Made Before Batman Begins

With Interstellar hitting theaters, Christopher Nolan is again in the headlines, be it the adorable factoid about him always keeping a flask of Earle Grey tea on him, or a misquote about his views on […]

Batman 75: How Tim Burton’s Batman Set the Stage for Netflix’s New Assault on the Theatrical Release Window

Wow, wasn’t this just in theaters? There was a time when you’d never have any real cause to say that.  Movies came out in theaters, and exactly 6 months later they were out on home […]

Batman 75: How Robin Williams Almost Played the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman & Then The Riddler in Batman Forever

So, Robin Williams is dead, and that’s a seriously tall glass of suck.  We are left to binge-watch his movies (omg, The Birdcage is still so good), and lament all the potential future film and TV […]

Is Fantastic Four Doomed Since It No-Showed San Diego Comic-Con? Fans Were Similarly Worried About Batman Begins Back in 2004

There’s a new Fantastic Four movie coming out next summer (6/19/15).  You wouldn’t have known that from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, though.  Heck, you wouldn’t even know that from any kind of promotion from […]

Batman 75: How We Almost Got a Bruce Wayne Origin Series Instead of Smallville

Here’s an idea for a TV show: a young cop battles corruption in the big city, surrounded by colorful villains and dirty cops, leaving him unsure of whether or not he can even trust his […]

Batman 75: The Sad Fates of Batman Actors of the Past Translates to a Very Promising Black Comedy, Michael Keaton’s Birdman

In honor of the 75 year anniversary of the caped crusader, we’ve been doing a series of articles looking back, forward, and all around at all things Batman.  You can head here to read the […]

UPDATED Batman 75: Did An ABC Executive’s Visit to the Playboy Club in 1965 Really Inspire the Adam West Batman TV Series?

2014 is the 75 year anniversary of Batman’s first appearance in the comics!  So, we’re doing a series of articles (called “Batman 75“-blunt, and to the point, right?) looking back at the Caped Crusader’s history as […]