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9 Things I’ll Miss About Scream Queens: Season 1

Ryan Murphy’s shows, from Nip/Tuck to Glee to American Horror Story, are like friends with wildly shifting emotions, almost to the point of seeming schizophrenic. They also tend to be far better at starting stories […]

The Bodies Are Really Starting to Pile Up Here: Here’s Who’s Left on Scream Queens

Spoilers for Scream Queens’ “Ghost Stories” below Here is what the most recent episodes of Scream Queens revealed about the murder mystery at the center of the show: There were two bathtub babies, a boy […]

A Stream of Consciousness Review of Scream Queens’ “Beware of Young Girls”

In the latest issue of TV Guide Magazine, Damian Holbrook praised Scream Queens in quite backhanded fashion, “Cheers to Scream Queens for sparing Niecy Nash this long. We have no clue who the killer is, […]

Scream Queens’ “Seven Minutes in Hell” – No More Cannon Fodder

When a reader left a comment in response to my last Scream Queens review referencing how they hope Chanel #5 is the next one to go I honestly had no idea which Chanel that was. […]

TV Review: Scream Queens’ “Pumpkin Patch” – Rooting for Chanel to Die

At this point, most Scream Queens episode break down into two sections. There’s the stuff with Grace and Pete trying to find the Red Devil, and there’s the stuff with Chanel and the sorority, which […]

TV Review: Scream Queens’ “Halloween” – Did They Top the Death of Coney?

It’s seems deeply strange to say this, but I now judge Scream Queens based on whether or not it tops that one scene where the Red Devil cut off the head of the college’s new […]

The Mascot-Killing Scene That Turned Me Around on Scream Queens

Spoilers Below for Scream Queens’ Season 1 Episode “Chainsaw” In the current Entertainment Weekly cover story, Tim Stack describes Scream Queens as “a slasher series that mixes WTF shocks with plenty of ROTFL.” Yeah, thanks […]

Scream, Scream Queens & The Need for the Murders to Truly Hurt

At the start of the month, MTV wrapped up the inaugural season of Scream, and now here at the end of the month FOX has launched Scream Queens, packaging the the show’s first two episodes […]