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iZombie’s “Live and Let Clive” (S1,EP4) & Embracing the Veronica Mars Of It All

THE FORMULA Brain/Case of the Week: A member of the Asian mob who was murdered for being a cop informant New Twist on the Formula: Liv’s visions of the victim’s memories prominently feature Clive, leading […]

iZombie’s “The Exterminator” (S1,EP3) & Breaking Down the Formula

Let’s break down the formula of iZombie in “The Exterminator”: Brain of the Week: A sociopathic hitman. Case of the Week: Trying to find the evidence to connect the hitman’s death via a hit and […]

iZombie’s “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” (S1,EP2) & Meeting New Frenemies

iZombie is such a strange show. It is essentially a USA procedural airing on the CW, but narrated by a lead actress who comes off like Veronica Mars’ slightly more sullen sister. If Psych, Veronica […]

Review: Metaphors, Veronica Mars Comparisons & Polite Applause for the iZombie Pilot

I so want to love this, yet I only kind of like it. It makes me want to watch Veronica Mars again. Though it’s about zombies, it feel like a Frankenstein’s monster cobbled together from […]