If you would like to contact us about reviewing a film, TV show, or book on our site, something we are always happy to do, or conduct any kind of interview, address any such inquiry to the following email address:

If you would like to contact either of the authors to discuss a specific article they’ve written, use the following addresses:

To contact Kelly Konda, email him at

To contact Julianne Ramsey, email her at

What if I find something wrong on the site, such as a faulty link or missing picture, who do I contact to cryptically tell them I found something and will only provide the answer to the question of “What and where did you find it?” if you can answer my riddles 3?

Well, that seems like a particularly cruel idea.  You could just kindly give us a heads-up.  Either way, direct any such comments to

Thanks for visiting!



  1. I love this website and I really share your passion for film and entertainment. Ever need an extra writer?? Ill gladly do it for free! haha

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