Box Office: Black Panther & The Myth That Black Films Don’t Travel

Another February. Another black-led film breaking box office records. Last year, it was Jordan Peele’s Get Out; this year, it’s Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. At this point, we shouldn’t be surprised anymore. When underserved audiences […]

The Cult Classics: Watching Logan’s Run For the First Time

Released the year before Star Wars, Logan’s Run has turned into a cult classic, but there’s always been an air of missed opportunity about it. If only The Time Machine’s George Pal had followed through […]

Black Panther Used to Have a Cape & Other Insights From a New Infographic

“I used to go to a comic shop right next to my elementary school in between basketball practice and track practice. We would go there and hang out. I remember one day, I asked the […]

How Can Paramount Survive in a Disney-Fox World? By Becoming More Like Disney. Wait, What?

Disney bought Fox or at least announced it is going to once the terms are finalized and regulators give them the green light, and Hollywood went apeshit. Disney buying another studio? Sure. That’s just what […]

Netflix Review: The Ritual Does for Hiking What The Descent Did for Spelunking

Spoiler warning: This review acknowledges there is something in the woods with the guys in The Ritual, but I don’t say who or what. Now that’s more like it. After a recent run of less-than-stellar […]

Film Review: Lost & Found Combines Grindhouse & Electric Boogaloo to Create a B Movie Mockumentary

“Within the genre of exploitation, there weren’t a lot of women, I mean especially not a lot of women who were in witness protection.” The above quote, delivered by Pajiba’s managing editor Kristy Puchko, is […]

Let’s Talk About Netflix’s Creeping Straight-to-Video Reputation

Video stores don’t exist anymore, at least not in any real, meaningful way, but the legacy of the straight-to-video movies which used to line their shelves lives on. Regrettable VHS cheapies like Grid Runners (a […]

An Alternate Reading of the Venom Teaser Trailer

Just when you feel like you’ve had your fill of superhero movie trailers for a while, Sony comes along and drops a brand new one for Venom. Suck it, Avenger: Infinity War, Deadpool 2, and […]

Cult Classic Horror Film Review: One Dark Night

Newly added to Amazon Prime, Tom McLoughlin’s One Dark Night is a haunted mausoleum movie that takes way too long to get to the actual haunting part. Or to the mausoleum. Or to anything exciting. […]

Trailer Watch: Deadpool 2 & Jessica Jones

At this point, I’m beginning to think Deadpool 2’s marketing strategy is going to be more entertaining than the actual movie. There’s been a video of Deadpool utterly failing an attempted Christopher Reeve Superman impression. […]