Review: Wolfman’s Got Nards-A Documentary Celebrates Monster Squad’s Resurgent Fandom

It’s 1990. I’m mere days away from my eighth birthday. And my older brothers are showing me Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. That’s the beginning of my Monster Squad story, and that’s […]

Documentary Review: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Is An Empathy Machine

In the end, Mr. Rogers still wondered if he’d made a difference – if his goal to teach children to be more loving, both of strangers and of themselves, had actually changed anything. The kind […]

Steve Trevor Is In Wonder Woman 2 (Correction: Wonder Woman 1984). Are You Cool With That?

Well, that was unexpected. The Wonder Woman sequel which is now working under the official, fantastically Orwellian title Wonder Woman 1984 started filming two days ago. To celebrate the occasion, Patty Jenkins did this: Welcome […]

Tell Me How to Feel About Ant-Man and the Wasp’s Low Box Office Tracking

Everything about Ant-Man is small, at least by Marvel Cinematic Universe standards. That goes for the budget ($130m), box office ($180m domestic/$519m worldwide), stakes (it’s a family friendly heist film about orchestrating a heist to […]

Rian Johnson & Other Creators Standing Up to Manbabies

Toxic fandom is inescapable these days. Far too often, it seems to be wrapped up in sexism or racism or both, with predominantly male fans trolling female stars of film (Star Wars, first Daisy Riddley, now […]

Reflecting on Texas Frightmare 2018: A Survival Guide

I sat next to Jason Voorhees and lived to tell the tale. In fact, the dude politely waved at me. Of course, Jason’s not real. I’m simply describing one of the more memorable moments from […]

The People Responsible for Those DC Movies You Probably Didn’t Like Aren’t in Charge Anymore

In 2013, Warner Bros. released not just a franchise-starter, but a brand new cinematic universe. Take that, Marvel Studios. Your MCU is so hot? Well, here’s our own thing. We’re making direct sequels, spin-offs, sequels […]

Trailer Reaction: Dumbo & The Nun

There are new some trailers, teasers really. I watched them. You probably have as well. Let’s talk about them: DUMBO It’s so, so easy to dismiss this as “Just Tim Burton doing the Tim Burton-outsider […]

Merger Mania: The AT&T/Time Warner Dominoes Will Ripple Throughout Hollywood

It used to be that Hollywood studios were bought by corporate conglomerates; now, the corporate conglomerates that own the studios are the ones being bought. Or at least that’s the case with AT&T’s newly approved […]

First Reformed & The Growing Divide Between Critics and Audiences

Here’s the short version of Paul Schrader’s excellent new surrealist drama First Reformed, which played at Venice and Toronto last year and is now in theaters as an awards-caliber chaser for anyone who has ODed […]