MoviePass Just Offered a Deal That Is So Good the Country’s Largest Theater Chain Wants Nothing to Do With It

$9.99, are they out of their mind? That’s the question currently being thrown around at AMC Headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, where executives for the country’s largest movie theater chain are ordering their army of lawyers […]

Box Office: Detroit and Atomic Blonde Illustrate the Limits of Treating Ticket-Buying Decisions as Social Activism

Failure, not success, will be the true arbiter of the future of Hollywood’s diversity initiative. Hit movies happen all the time for a variety of reasons, usually coming down to some hard-to-replicate combination of being […]

Game of Thrones’ “The Spoils of War”: Burn, Baby, Burn

Point, Daenerys. In the Cersei v. Daenerys fight that has been season 7 thus far, the Stormborn Targaryen finally notched a victory, riding in on Drogon to lay waste to the Lannister army and possibly […]

Netflix Review: These Wet Hot American Summer Reunion Specials Are Starting to Lose Their Charm

Love the movie, liked the first reunion special, noticing the diminishing returns of the new one – this is my take on the Wet Hot American Summer franchise. Longtime sketch comedy troupe partners Michael Showalter, […]

The Dark Tower Review: Not Quite a Movie, Not Quite a TV Pilot, But Still Watchable Thanks to Idris Elba

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” This is the first line of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger, the horror author’s self-proclaimed “magnum opus” which takes place in […]

Review: MST3K Live! Proves Netflix Needs to Renew This Show

I bought a ticket to the MST3K Live! Watch Out for Snakes Tour the second they went on sell. I didn’t even give it a second thought, which is weird because I cannot claim to […]

There is More Riding On Detroit Than You Might Realize

It’s hard out for movie distributors these days. One of them, Broad Green, just closed shop yesterday a mere three years after being founded by Wall Street hedge funders who invested in quality programming (A […]

Where I Am Going Tonight

In the not too distant future, as in just 10 hours from now, I will be seeing something kind of cool: Mystery Science Theater 3000 Live. I share this not to brag or gloat or […]

Jason Blum Offers an Update on Blumhouse’s Halloween Reboot

Not gonna lie – I totally forgot Jason Blum and his micro-budget production house Blumhouse is making the next Halloween movie. Heck, I forgot that Hollywood hadn’t given up on the Halloween franchise entirely at […]

The True Difference Between Rough Night and Girls Trip is Gender, Not Race

Rough Night and Girls Trip are basically the same movie apart from the fact that one has a predominantly white cast and the other a predominantly black cast, right? College gal pals reunite on a […]