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SyFy Review: Krypton Plays a Lot Better If You’ve Never Seen Smallville. Or Supergirl. Or Any Superman Movie Ever, Really.

I…can’t. I just can’t with Krypton right now. It’s a comic book show. It airs on SyFy after The Magicians, a show I adore. It features DC characters like Adam Strange and Brainiac and dares […]

TV Review: With Black Lightning, The CW Has Finally Met Marvel’s Challenge to Up Its Superhero Game

Black Lightning feels like what would happen if someone crossed Morgan Freeman from Lean on Me with Mike Colter’s Luke Cage and then fine-tuned it for the Trump age. It’d be a surprising, but welcome […]

Justice League Trailer Reaction: Where Do We Stand Now – Excited? Pessimistic? Completely Indifferent?

Justice League is a contractual obligation film. It’s a project which was entered into under the assumption that Batman v Superman (and, to a lesser degree, Suicide Squad) would neither suck nor dampen audience enthusiasm. Yeah, […]

Reminder: Titans & Young Justice Will Also Be Used to Launch a Streaming Service

This is how TV is in 2017: The networks hate airing shows they don’t actually own. They’re all terrified of Netflix. And they all want to have their own subscription streaming service (eventually). Basically, it’s […]

Making Lower-Budget Standalone DC Movies? Good Idea. Making The First One a Joker Origin Story? Bad Idea.

Here’s the (maybe) good news: Warner Bros. is planning a separate batch of lower-budget, standalone DC movies. Here’s the (definitely) bad news: The first one of these might be a Joker origin story directed by […]

5 Takeaways from the Justice League Set Reports

Uproxx, io9 and various other publications visited Justice League‘s London set last week, and here are 5 key takeaways I took from reading their reports: 1. They Might As Well Call It Justice League: I’m […]

TV Review: Lucifer is Like a Supernatural Californication With a Far More Compelling Main Character

At first glance, Lucifer doesn’t even seem like an actual TV show. It’s more like a parody of a police procedural. The premise? Tired of the tedium of hell, the devil relocates to Los Angeles […]

Finally, a Supergirl Trailer With Genuinely New Footage

I cracked.  I watched the Supergirl pilot when it leaked online earlier this year.  I wrote about it on the site.  If you don’t remember (or don’t want to click on that link to find […]

Review: Metaphors, Veronica Mars Comparisons & Polite Applause for the iZombie Pilot

I so want to love this, yet I only kind of like it. It makes me want to watch Veronica Mars again. Though it’s about zombies, it feel like a Frankenstein’s monster cobbled together from […]

Geek News Alerts: Arrow/Flash Spin-Off Speculation, Mourning Star Trek’s Harve Bennett, Crazy Terminator: Genisys Rumors

You win, internet. I can’t cover every single thing in exhaustive detail on this site. So, here are my summaries of some of the news stories of the moment: Speculation about the 3 mystery characters […]