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Boycotts, Buyouts & New Star Wars – Disney’s Busy Week, Explained

I don’t know what Rian Johnson’s new Skywalker-less Star Wars trilogy is going to be about. Those more versed in Wars lore than me, specifically Collider’s Jedi Council, speculate with 95-99% certainty it will be […]

Disney’s Attempted Purchase of 20th Century Fox Film & TV, As Explained By a Comics Nerd

Basically, The Avengers and X-Men would finally get to hang out. The above takeaway is all you might want to know about CNBC’s bombshell? stunning? overblown? report that Disney recently spoke to 20th Century Fox […]

Could Disney’s New Netflix-like Service Be a Step Toward Premium Video On Demand?

Why is Disney walking away from a deal which nets them as much as $300 million a year? That’s what Ben Weiss, chief investment officer at 8th & Jackson Capital Management, wondered when Disney announced […]

Film Review: The Surprisingly Empowering Cars 3

The Cars films have always felt like the slightest installments in the Pixar catalog, and have been written about ad nauseam as being emblematic of everything that’s gone wrong with the once great animation house. […]

Box Office: King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and the Perfect Recipe for a Bomb

To paraphrase Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s signature sarcasm, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword bombed? You’re kidding! You’re kidding! [Smirk] [Confidently walk away] Yes, that movie everyone said was going to bomb has done […]

So, Is $155 Million a Good Opening Weekend?: Putting Rogue One’s Box Office in Context

There was never any question of whether or not Rogue One: A Star Wars Story would make a lot of money. Instead, it’s always been a question of exactly how much money it would make, […]

Disney’s Record-Setting Worldwide Gross for 2016 Is the Continuation of a Trend Fox Started in 2014

I’ve been seeing the headlines for weeks now: “Disney on pace to have the biggest year at the global box office for any single film studio in industry history.” That’s what happens when you release […]

Raise Your Hand if You Want to See An Enchanted Sequel

Old movie. Pretty good. Now getting a probably unnecessary sequel. Grrr. Hey, not all sequels are bad. True enough. Still, grrr. What do you think? And we’re good. Those are the broad strokes from just […]

Film Review: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like Pete’s Dragon Anymore

Pete’s Dragon is the type of movie where characters run toward each other for music-swelling, melodramatic hugs on at least four different occasions, and not once does the director undercut the moment with humor or […]

5 Things I Didn’t Know About Dory

Do you remember a time when Ellen Degeneres wasn’t a talk show queen? When she wasn’t perpetually playing on TV screens in waiting rooms everywhere, and scoring the occasional viral hit by scaring the crap […]