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Simon Kinberg’s March Toward Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix most likely marks the end of almost two decades worth of X-Men film continuity as the franchise is about to gain new owners who will surely want to scrap everything and start […]

Disney Was Right to Choose Mary Poppins Returns Over Solo As Its Big Christmas Movie This Year

For the past three years, a Disney-backed property launched during the Christmas movie season on the way to blockbuster results. This year will technically be no different. Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns is set to premiere […]

James Gunn, Roseanne & Anthony Anderson: The Inexact Science Behind Disney’s Zero Tolerance

James Gunn made some tasteless jokes on Twitter. Anthony Anderson is still being investigated by the LAPD for assault. They both work for Disney. Correction: only one of them still works for Disney. Can you […]

Disney Will Release Whatever Fox Has Finished or In Production & That Might Include a Family Guy Movie

“Disney will release all of Fox’s movies that are complete or in production at the time of the acquisition, said a person with knowledge of its plans. It’s less certain what will happen to films […]

Revisiting Disney’s Tricky Fahrenheit 9/11 Accounting

Michael Moore has a new documentary. Wait! Don’t swipe or click away yet. I know Moore is a divisive figure these days. His high profile, both in the body of his documentaries and in the […]

How the Justice Department’s Review of Decades-Old Film Distribution Rules Could Impact Ticket Prices

From roughly 1905 to the release of The Godfather in 1972, movie ticket prices fluctuated wildly depending on day, type of movie, region of the country, and specific theater. Ironically, even though it had been […]

One Mob Got James Gunn Fired. Another Can’t Get Him Re-Hired. Apparently.

Look up the definition of awkward in the dictionary right now and it might show a picture of James Gunn sitting around a table talking to other Marvel Studios directors as part of a clearly […]

It’s Rumor Time: Lucas Returning to Star Wars? Disney Preparing to Bury Fox’s New X-Men Movies?

I normally resist reporting on rumors, but these two are too juicy to pass up. One of them is still up in the air. The other appears to have been squashed: Star Wars to Get […]

Preparing for the End of the Skywalker Saga – Disney’s Star Wars: Episode IX Marketing Strategy

Disney released a…press release. Hold on. That’s just terrible. Let me start over. According to a new Disney press release, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill will both appear in Star Wars IX. Hardly surprising for […]

What Happens to Guardians of the Galaxy Now?

Will Marvel stick to that 2020 release window? However you feel about it, the following is undoubtedly true: James Gunn is out. In the wake of his old tweets, Disney and Marvel Studios have severed […]