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Wizard of Oz Interpretations, Johnny Carson’s War Against Toilet Paper, and Other Stories You May Have Missed


If I Only Have Time to Read One, What Should It Be?

What Is the Wizard of Oz Really About?  Probably Not What You Think 

What do you mean that the original L. Frank Baum Wizard of Oz novel is not a parable about populism and American monetary policy? Come on.  The Yellow Brick Road is the gold standard, the Wizard is Grover Cleveland or William McKinley, and the Wicked Wiches represent bankers and drought.  I mean, duh.  But, wait, now you’re telling me that interpretation has been discounted, and there are six other competing theories?  It could all just be a feminist allegory.  What?  No, seriously.  What!  (

The Rest:


1. As for what happens in the Wizard of Oz, there’s a lot you wouldn’t know if you’ve only ever seen the 1939 classic film version because there are actually 50 books from that series (

2. Sooooo, when are we all going to turn on Jennifer Lawrence and Mila Kunis and decide they actually kind of suck?  Sooner than you might think.  Personally, I still love them, but my internet girlfriend of choice is Alison Brie (

3. Tangled cost $260 million to make?  What?  Why?  What other movies cost way more money than they ever should have? (

4. Are you going to read Nathan Rabin’s review of uber-film-producer Robert Evans’ legendary memoir The Kid Stays in the Picture?  You bet your ass you are.  No, seriously, you should read it just so you’ll get that joke (


5. SyFy has bypassed the pilot stage and ordered 13 episodes of Battlestar Galactica-guru Ronald D. Moore’s new disease outbreak show Helix.  Does this make up for them canceling Alphas?  No, it does not. (

6. 30 Rock recently went out with a bang, concluding a stellar final season having kind of sucking for a while.  They ain’t the first show to rebound after a notoriously bad season (

7. Modern Family gets great ratings and wins all the Emmys, and yet still gets no respect.  Why?  It’s just too damn reliable.  Wait, really? (

8. Tonight, we have a really big show.  How big is it?  So, big that with one joke I will single-handedly cause a toilet paper shortage.  Ha-ha.  Wait, what?  Crazy true story about Johnny Carson (

9. Her new Doctor Who character is a huge mystery to us, but what do we actually know about Jenna Louise-Coleman the person and not just her character from the show?  Well, she’s dating one of the guys from Game of Thrones.  That and four other facts at: (

10. Seriously, all those reasons you have for thinking Lena Dunham’s Girls is horrible?  Those are all the reasons it’s great.  Or so goes this new argument.  Personally, I’m new to it, but so far I both actively dislike Dunham’s character and don’t find her funny while enjoying almost everyone else (


11. Want to feel wholly inadequate?  Read this profile of off-Broadway actress, theater manager, show producer, toilet fixer, taxicab for the performers, and ticket seller Catherine Russell (


12. Noticed lately how your local library is kind of like a homeless shelter now?  Well, this is a genuine issue, so widespread in the United States that libraries are hiring social workers and nurses to help handle the load (


2 New Trailers and a Funny Interview

Looks amazing, but mark my words: that accent-of-unknown-origin Ben Kingsley is playing with here is going to be a problem for some people [see: Tom Hardy as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises].

Wesley and Fred together again.  As it should be.

Is it cool or bad that the way Mila Kunis interacts with this nervous fella is exactly the way her characters from Ted and Friends With Benefits talk?

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