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Avengers: Age of Ultron is Awesome, So Sayeth Twitter

Avengers: Age of Ultron’s IMDB page currently features a giant countdown screen, informing visitors that as of this writing we are 20 days, 17 hours, and 26 minutes away from its release date. Here’s the thing, though: that’s not actually true. Yes, Age of Ultron comes out in 20 days in the United States and Canada, but by the time it makes it to us it will have already opened in around 50 countries, most notably France, Italy, Australia, the UK, South Korea and Russia. So, I imagine the countdown clock must be region specific (e.g., if you live in Finland, the clock says 12 days, if you live in New Zealand it says 13 days, if you live in Chile it says 19 days).

I highlight this to simply remind everyone of something we’ve all already experienced with prior Marvel Cinematic Universe movies like Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3: we’re not going to be getting this at the same time. There will probably already be an illegal bootleg copy of Age of Ultron on the internet before it ever hits a North American theater. Moreover, the internet will be inundated with spoilers from people who saw the movie and want to talk about it with everyone else, forgetting that some of us won’t have had the chance to see it yet.

Laughing at all of this, though, must be every single person in New York and Los Angeles who attended the Age of Ultron press screenings last night. As per usual, there is a press embargo preventing them publishing their reviews until a certain date, which then leads everyone to obsessively follow Twitter to at least get a sense of whether or not the critics like it. There is, after all, cause for concern with Age of Ultron. The sequel to one of the biggest films of all time has responded by adding in 3 new Avengers, two of whom we’ve merely glanced (Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver) and another we’ve never met (The Vision), and giving us yet another A.I.-gone-wrong robot villain (Ultron). That’s a lot to add to the table, especially considering that upon re-watch many have realized what Joss Whedon himself has argued which is that the first Avengers is not actually a very good movie (the first half drags, the plot often makes no sense or is it just lazy). It is, however, a phenomenal cinematic experience, providing many with the best time they’ve ever had seeing a movie in the theater. So, the critics can’t (and SHOULDN’T!) spoil Age of Ultron for us, but did they at least like it?

No, they didn’t.

They loved it!

So, there you have it. The movie that is currently tracking to make box office history might just be pretty good. And, surprise, surprise, Jeremy Renner’s justified complaints about how little he had to do in the first movie may have resulted in him being the surprising scene-stealer of Age of Ultron (As someone with no investment in the character of Hawkeye all that really makes me think is, “But what about Thor?” and then I see that someone said he is also hilarious in the movie).

As many have joked at this point, to anyone lucky enough to see Age of Ultron last night if you spoil it for us we will go Liam Neeson on your ass:

That IMDB countdown clock I mentioned? It now reads 20 days, 16 hours, and 34 minutes, if you care to track such things.


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