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Your Happy Endings Video of the Day: Jazz Kwon Do

The show: Happy Endings

This again?  Didn’t you just write about that?: I totally did, but ever since the show’s 57 episodes were added to Hulu I have been binge-watching them something fierce.  I am ashamed.  Not because there are other things I should probably be doing than re-watching Happy Endings.   Oh, no.  That ship has sailed.  I am ashamed because I had completely forgotten how Ah-MAZ-ing this show was.

What’s Jazz Kwon Do?: Funny you should ask that, other me. Jazz Kwon Do is a mash-up of Bob Fosse jazz musical dancing and Tae Kwon Do.  It’s introduced in the sixth episode (“Of Mice & Jazz Kwon Do”) of the first season.

Penny invites Jane to her Krav Maga self-defense class not realizing that of course Jane, with her uber-Type A personality, would completely dominate their class.  Rather than sticking around to keep getting her ass kicked by instant-Krav Maga master Jane, Penny drops out and joins a self-defense course designed for seniors where they can have fun working in some punches and kicks into old-style jazz dancing.  Eventually, Penny and Jane put the two fighting styles to the test in head-to-head combat.

This is actually the first Happy Endings episode I ever saw, and I was pretty well hooked when I heard Penny command “Fosse fist, Fosse fist, Fosse fist, Fosse fist” while teaching Jazz Kwon Do to the rest of the group over the closing credits.

The videos:

Penny using Jazz Kwon Do against Jane in their seriously weird self defense class

Penny teaching Jazz Kwon Do to the group:

Happy Endings is now available on Hulu.

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