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3 Larger Lessons from Last Week’s News – Fake Wonder Woman News, Star Wars Drama & Yet Another Failed Blockbuster

Last week was not a good time to go on vacation. So much happened in pop culture while I was away, and here are the lessons I think we learned: Pop culture is by no […]

Report: Tom Cruise Either Salvaged What He Could From The Mummy’s Troubled Production Or Made It So Much Worse

The Mummy is… You know what? Screw The Mummy and its weird, rapey subtext. I’ll get to the movie in a second because Variety has a new report on some behind the scenes issues which […]

Everyone – Including Jennifer Lawrence – Is Coming Back for X-Men: Dark Phoenix & Jessica Chastain Might Be Joining Them

After Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse and Logan the future of the X-Men franchise seemed clear: Jackman is out. Fassbender, Lawrence, McAvoy and Hoult are free to walk (in Lawrence’s case that walk looks more like a […]

Mini-Trend Alert: Movies Based on Articles

Content is king in Hollywood. Or at least it used to be. In fact, super producer Robert Evans made it sound so easy in his autobiography The Kid Stays in the Picture – pay attention […]

Slow Your Roll, Universal – Stop Planning 8 Different Dark Universe Movies. Worry More About The Mummy.

Universal appears to be operating in two different realities at the moment: One in which The Mummy has already come out, wowed fans around the world and more than made back its $125m budget thus […]

The Truman Show Just Turned 19. Celebrate By Watching This Rare Faux Documentary.

Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here premiered two nights ago, thrusting Jim Carrey back into the spolight since he’s an executive producer on this series chronicling the trials and tribulations of a bunch of plucky stand-up […]

The Studios Will Release 25 Movies With Toy Tie-ins This Year. The Normal Total is 8.

Normally I’d attempt to extensively expand upon a news item and examine what it means in terms of Hollywood trends, but I don’t have time for all that today, not with my computer acting up […]

The Deeply Stupid Cannes-Netflix Controversy, Explained

Among all the film festivals in the world, Cannes has always stood out as being especially rowdy. In that way, it’s the Golden Globes of film festivals just with more prestige and economic importance. As […]

Here’s a Trailer for Fox’s New X-Men Show + A Run Down of All Upcoming X-Men Movies/Shows

Here’s the trailer for the new X-Men TV show Gifted: Bryan Singer directed the pilot, and Burn Notice’s Matt Nix is serving as showrunner. Unlike Legion, this show is connected to the film universe, but […]

Split Pulled Off What Prometheus & 10 Cloverfield Lane Could Not

Spoilers Below for Split, Prometheus & 10 Cloverfield Lane. Obviously. So, Split is a secret Unbreakable sequel, Prometheus a not-so secret Alien prequel and 10 Cloverfield Lane a sort of side sequel to Cloverfield. We […]