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What the What? – Tina Fey Has Two New Shows on the Way, One at NBC & the Other at Fox

Tina Fey officially had a better week than you did this past week. Early in the week, a sitcom she is producing with her old 30 Rock co-showrunner Robert Carlock was sold to NBC.  The […]

Box Office Decoded: The Butler Opens Strong, Kick-Ass 2 Not So Much & Paranoia=Harrison Ford’s Worst Ever Opening

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. UPDATE: 8/20/2013 – The original box office estimates from the studios have been updated to reflect the actual grosses, a change which […]

Dario Argento’s Dracula 3D Gets a US Release Date: Soon We’ll Get a Chance to See the Mediocrity First Hand

Once upon a time, there was a genre of horror films called gialli. Hailing from Italy and named after the yellow paper upon which their literary precursors were printed, they blended mystery and gruesome horror […]

Fans Wrongly Vote Stark Trek Into Darkness as the Worst Star Trek Film of All Time – Should Paramount Be Concerned?

It is a strange feeling to be a fan of a film or television franchise which appears to no longer care about you.  A lot of longtime Star Trek fans have felt this way about […]

Let’s Clarify the Rumors About Chiwetel Ejiofor & Bill Nighy Turning Down the Role of the Doctor on Doctor Who

I don’t know if you noticed this, but the BBC already announced who is going to replace Matt Smith and become the 12th Doctor on Doctor Who, starting with the 2013 Christmas Special (assuming Steven […]

Holy Role Reversal! China’s Owed Hollywood $150 Million Box Office Gross Since 2012 & Only Just Now Agreed to Pay

By some projections, China will be the leading marketplace for films within 5 years, after having grossed $2.75 billion in box office gross last year in comparison to the United States and Canada’s $10.83 billion. […]

Box Office Decoded: Elyisum Has Matt Damon’s Best Opening Since ’07 & Comedy-Starved Audiences Embrace We’re the Millers

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. This week, four new movies duked it out for first place: Elysium did okay, We’re the Millers did better (relative to their […]

Now You See Me…Again: The Surprise Hit of the Summer is Officially Getting a Sequel

BBC Radio film reviewer Mark Kermode described the Jesse Eisenberg magician heist film Now You See Me as “The Prestige for dumb people” in reference to its surface level similarities without the same amount of depth.  […]

The “What Hell is Happening With Harrison Ford?” Tour Continues: He’s Going to Be In Expendables 3!

Harrison Ford is 71 and long since removed from the days of box office relevancy.  However, the man who originated Indiana Jones and Han Solo can do pretty much whatever he wants.  It’s just that […]

Box Office Decoded: 2 Guns Sorta Disappoints, Smurfs 2 Does Better than You Think & Pacific Rim Sets Records in China

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. With the end of another weekend comes another batch of reports about how films-both new and old-fared at the box office.  This […]