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Why Do We Care So Much About Box Office?

I’m a guy. I’m in my 30s. I have a college degree. And I’m currently a member of a fantasy sports league. Such a cliche, right? According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, the average […]

The Flash’s “Attack on Gorilla City”: Ugly Gorillas, Go Away

As I sat down to watch The Flash’s “Attack on Gorilla City: Party 1” last night, fate intervened in the form of a faulty sump pump. With his basement flooded, my brother suddenly needed a […]

Let’s Talk About That Loft In The Flash’s Mid-Season Premiere

If you want to see what I thought of the Flash mid-season premiere keep reading. If you just want to geek out over Barry and Iris new loft apartment jump down to “THE NITPICKS” section. When […]

About That One Time the FBI Accused It’s a Wonderful Life of Being “Communist Propaganda”

What do you remember most about It’s a Wonderful Life? Little Karolyn Grimes adorably telling Jimmy Stewart, “Look daddy, teacher says every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings”? The overly familiar “this […]

I’m Really Going to Miss TV Land’s Now-Canceled Impastor

The world sucks right now, and we all need an escape. Impastor, a TV Land sitcom, was one such escape for me, and it has now been canceled. Sigh. Hold on. TV Land. What’s that? […]

Raise Your Hand if You Want to See An Enchanted Sequel

Old movie. Pretty good. Now getting a probably unnecessary sequel. Grrr. Hey, not all sequels are bad. True enough. Still, grrr. What do you think? And we’re good. Those are the broad strokes from just […]

Box Office: How White House Down Might Have Saved Us From an Independence Day 3

The verdict is in: Independence Day: Resurgence‘s opening weekend was very not good. From Forbes (updated by me with the actual figures instead of estimated): There is a certain irony in the fact that 20th […]

I LOVE That Scene: Drew Barrymore Decides She Doesn’t Really Like Scary Movies

There are some movie scenes which force us to involuntarily exclaim “I LOVE That Scene!” when they are brought up in conversation. The following is one such scene: THE FILM: Scream (1996) THE PLOT: It’s a […]

Annie Hall and Alvy Singer Fumble Through Knowing Each Other

What is I LOVE That Scene? It is a semi-regular feature on our website in which we detail one single film scene we adore. Typically, the scenes we discuss are those that force us to […]

One Possible Explanation for Why So Many Oscar Contenders Have Flopped This Year

Sometimes, good movies don’t make money.  No matter how many critics and film bloggers scream, “This film is amazing.  You owe it to yourself to go see it,” audiences will stay away.  Eh, it happens.  […]