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The Best Moment in Legends of Tomorrow’s “Night of the Hawk”: Never Fall for a Ninja

“That was a tough one. I had seen Caity on Mad Men a few years earlier and brought her in for 90210. She didn’t get that part. Then I brought her in for this and […]

The Funniest Moment in Legends of Tomorrow’s “Marooned”: Professor Stein, Space Ranger

“That’ll teach you to mess with an nuclear physicist.” These were the words uttered by 60-something Professor Stein after he made short work of a time pirate, defeating him off-screen and claiming both his gun […]

The Funniest Moment in Legends of Tomorrow’s “Star City 2046”

It might seem strange to find humor in a Legends of Tomorrow episode (“Star City 2046”) which sent the team into a nightmarish future version of Star City where Laurel and Quentin Lance, Thea Queen […]

What Have We Learned About Legends of Tomorrow After Its First Five Episodes?

Legends of Tomorrow is the show built out of Arrow and Flash‘s spare parts. The CW loves its DC Comics TV shows, but Ray Palmer, Sara Lance, Firestorm, Hawkgirl and the Central City Rogues can’t […]

Review: It’s Character Backstory Time on Legends of Tomorrow’s Exposition-Heavy Third Episode

“Blood Ties” is almost the episode Legends of Tomorrow had to make. It’s the one where we find out about Ray’s dead fiance, Sara’s bloodlust and Leonard’s abusive father. Those are crucial elements to the […]

Legends of Tomorrow Brings the Death, Action & Timey Wimey in Its Much Improved Second Episode

That was fast. Legends of Tomorrow, this crazy Frankenstein’s monster version of a superhero TV series, wasted no time following through on its promise to thin the herd. As the showrunner Phil Klemmer told THR, […]

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Is Far From Legendary

If Arrow is the gritty vigilante show and The Flash is the warm-hearted, family-driven superhero show then DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the crazy time travel show. That’s what will set it apart from Arrow […]