Top 10 Episodes of Star Trek: Voyager

Star Trek: Voyager premiered on the now-defunct UPN 18 years ago this past January.  It was a show of several firsts for Star Trek, the first to feature a female captain (Kate Mulgrew’s Catherine Janeway) […]

Holy Role Reversal! China’s Owed Hollywood $150 Million Box Office Gross Since 2012 & Only Just Now Agreed to Pay

By some projections, China will be the leading marketplace for films within 5 years, after having grossed $2.75 billion in box office gross last year in comparison to the United States and Canada’s $10.83 billion. […]

You Gotta Read This: Special Topics in Calamity Physics

An appreciation of the printed word (hopefully even printed on paper and bound together with a decorative cover) is a dying concept. We hope to, slowly but surely, rectify this tragic situation by introducing and […]

Top 10 Episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Twenty years ago this past January, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered to the confusion of most Star Trek fans.  There was no multi-year mission to explore space and encounter new civilizations nor was there […]

4 Horrifying Implications of the Saved by the Bell Universe

I wish I could claim that I never watched Saved by the Bell, the NBC Saturday morning sitcom that put forth such wholesome, reality-based conceits as having glasses makes you unattractive to guys (thanks for […]

Box Office Decoded: Elyisum Has Matt Damon’s Best Opening Since ’07 & Comedy-Starved Audiences Embrace We’re the Millers

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. This week, four new movies duked it out for first place: Elysium did okay, We’re the Millers did better (relative to their […]

Review: We’re the Millers is the Kind of Okay Comedy of the Summer

Audiences have been beaten and battered this summer by one big-budget action movie and high-profile animated family film after another.  Can the new Jason Sudeikis–Jennifer Aniston team-up We’re the Millers offer a much-welcomed comedic detour?  Or […]

Trailer Watch: George Clooney & Matt Damon Politely Request WWII Nazis Return Stolen Art in The Monuments Men

Matt Damon and George Clooney are back together in The Monuments Men, attempting to work their Oceans 11 charm on the re-telling of the true story of WWII-era soldiers retrieving stolen works of art from […]

Now You See Me…Again: The Surprise Hit of the Summer is Officially Getting a Sequel

BBC Radio film reviewer Mark Kermode described the Jesse Eisenberg magician heist film Now You See Me as “The Prestige for dumb people” in reference to its surface level similarities without the same amount of depth.  […]

I LOATHE that Scene: Flying Makes Lois Feels Poetic in Superman

There are film scenes that we love, and there are scenes that we loathe (or hate). As such, we like to celebrate the good ones and shame the bad ones. Today, it’s time to talk […]