UPDATED: Sony is Developing Potential Spin-Offs of Spider-Man Focused on New Heroes and Villains?

To check out any of our other coverage of The Amazing Spider-Man and its related sequels, please go here. UPDATE: 12/10/2013 – When asked about The Amazing Spider-Man 4 in an interview with Yahoo Andrew Garfield responded, “I […]

TV Review: Arrow, “State Vs. Queen” (S2/EP7) – Did We Just Get Off at Crazy Town?

To read our other Arrow episode reviews please go here. Airdate: 11/20/2013 Director: Bethany Rooney (Hart of Dixie, Drop Dead Diva, 90210, Private Practice, and Brothers & Sisters) Writer(s): Marc Guggenheim (Arrow’s Co-Creator/Executive Producer) & Drew Z. Greenberg (Arrow, Warehouse 13, […]

X-Men: Days of Future Past Is Fox’s 2nd Most Expensive Movie Ever Behind Avatar – Should We Be Worried?

According to The Calgary Herald (via ScreenCrush.com), due to the extra cost from its scheduled re-shoots in Montreal next month X-Men: Days of Future Past has now become the second most expensive movie in the 78 year […]

TV Review: Agents of SHIELD, “The Well” (S1/EP8) – For Odin! For Asgard! For..Blah

To read our prior Agents of SHIELD episode reviews please go here. Airdate: 11/19/2013 Director: Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Roswell, Leverage, Castle, Burn Notice, and NCIS: Los Angeles.  He also directed the […]

The CW to Do a Full Pilot for The Flash Instead of a Back-Door Pilot During Season 2 of Arrow – Good Thing?

We’ve known since the Television Critics Association press tour in late Juy that the Flash, the Barry Allen version, was to be introduced as a recurring character during the second season of Arrow.  It’s been beaten […]

Box Office: Thor Still Mighty, But Best Man Holiday Exceeds Even the Most Optimistic Expectations

To see older or more recent box office top 10 breakdowns please go here. So, here’s what happened this weekend at the domestic box office: Thor: The Dark World continued it’s great-not-amazing business domestically while absolutely killing […]

14 Lessons Learned from Director Kenneth Branagh’s DVD/Blu-Ray Commentary for Thor

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to remember a time when the prospect of a film centered around the character of Thor seemed like the potential undoing of Marvel Studios. The Iron Man sequel had disappointed as […]

Doctor Who’s Day of the Doctor Mini-Episode Is Out & It Stars Paul McGann!

After months of “he’s in it”/”he’s not in it” rumors, we now know how exactly Paul McGann features in the forthcoming Doctor Who 50th Anniversary  special “Day of the Doctor.”  He’s not in it.  Don’t […]

John Oliver Leaving the Daily Show to Basically Do a Version of The Daily Show That Only Airs Once a Week on HBO

After what he did guest hosting The Daily Show over the summer, this was only a matter of time: John Oliver has landed his own TV show.  Well, technically, he already has one of those, […]

TV Review: Arrow, “Keep Your Enemies Closer” (S2/EP6)

To read our other Arrow episode reviews please go here. Airdate: 11/13/2013 Director: Guy Norman Bee (Supernatural, Criminal Minds, Kyle XY) Writer(s): Ben Sokolowski (Arrow) & Beth Schwartz (Brothers & Sisters) THE PLOT From Russia With Awkward Love – Remember […]