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Black Panther Used to Have a Cape & Other Insights From a New Infographic

“I used to go to a comic shop right next to my elementary school in between basketball practice and track practice. We would go there and hang out. I remember one day, I asked the […]

Here’s A Great Infographic To Help You Keep Track of the Many, Many, Many Stephen King Movies & TV Shows

One little blatant Stephen King knock-off Netflix series comes along and wrecks the internet, and the next you know we’re suddenly drowning in official Stephen King adaptations. Ok. That’s not how this has actually gone […]

Catwoman Has Had More Costumes Over the Years Than You Probably Realize

In the comics, Batman recently proposed to Catwoman, and we have to wait several months to see if she says yes. Of course, if those two crazy kids go through it it will be Bruce […]

Infographic: Here’s How Much Some Iconic Movie Houses Are Worth

Have you ever watched Home Alone and wondered what in the world Kevin’s dad must do for a living to be able to afford that gorgeous home and a Christmas vacation to Paris for the […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Power Rangers [An Infographic]

A former Power Ranger killed a dude with a sword. Did you hear about this? Have you heard about this? Sorry. Sort of slipped into a Jay Leno impression there for a second. However, the […]

Harry Potter’s Ever-Shifting Hogwarts Faculty – An Infographic

Who was your favorite Defense Against the Darks Art Teacher? I’m a Remus Lupin man, myself, although when your competition is a couple of Voldemort acolytes and a double agent who killed Dumbledore the pickings […]

We’ve All Got to Start Somewhere – 17 Famous Actors Who Started Out in Horror Movies

For actors, it used to be that participating in a horror movie was almost akin to taking a part in a porno (either as a performer or non-sex extra): It was merely a means to […]

Famous Film Hotels as Reviewed By Their Equally Famous Residents – An Infographic

When people send me infographics to share on this site I’ll usually look for some interesting angle, e.g., maybe rant a bit about the evolving DIY film aesthetic and rise of YouTube celebrities to intro […]

The DIY Guide to Making Movies in 2016 – An Infographic

As technology continues to progress, the barrier of entry into filmmaking continues to gradually disappear. Getting a job in the actual Hollywood film industry is still a tall task without the right connections, the right […]

A History of DC Comics at the Cinema: An Infographic

Batman. Superman 2. The Dark Knight. Woo-hoo! DC Comics movies rock! All-time classics! Superman 3-4. Supergirl. Steel. Catwoman. Jonah Hex. Constantine. Green Lantern. Batman v Superman. Sadly, Suicide Squad. And, of course, Batman and Robin. […]