The Arguments Both For and Against a Female Doctor on Doctor Who

In less than an hour, Matt Smith, Steven Moffatt, and host Zoe Ball will introduce the next Doctor on Doctor Who in a live special simulcast in the U.K., U.S., Canada, and Australia.  This is […]

James Cameron Now Making 3 Sequels to Avatar, Simultaneously, Mostly Just Because He Can

Avatar is the highest grossing film of all time.  Heck, even after adjusting for inflation it’s still in the top 15.  So, it’s never been a matter of if but when as far as further […]

Music Theatre 101: Parade’s “This is Not Over Yet”

For some poor, unfortunate individuals, musical theatre is the audible equivalent of fingernails upon a blackboard. They perceive it as a trite, pointless art form. The goal of this regular feature is to introduce readers […]

Matt Smith’s Doctor Who Replacement to Be Announced On Sunday – Peter Capaldi the Leading Candidate?

UPDATE: 8/4/13 – The rumors were true – Peter Capaldi is the new Doctor.  Well, for those of us Doctor Who fans who now involuntarily say things like “come along, Pond,” in everday life the […]

The History of DC Comics’ The Flash on TV (Live-Action and Animation)

Based upon longevity, cross-platform popularity, and cultural penetration (film, TV, comics), D.C. Comics is thought of as having three iconic characters: Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. So, where does that put The Flash?  He’s been […]

Arrow’s Producers Clarify Flash Spin-Off Confusion: Yes, “Powers” Are Being Introduced Into the Show

Well, that didn’t take very long.  Yesterday morning at the Television Critics Association summer press tour, The CW announced that Barry Allen will be introduced as a recurring character on Arrow as a set-up for a […]

Behold The Conjuring: Look upon its Works and Shiver in Horror

It’s easy to denigrate the horror genre. The films are clichéd, cheap to produce, and they appeal to our most basic instincts. It’s also easy to assume it takes no skill to scare an audience. […]

Much Ado about Joss Whedon’s Delightful Much Ado About Nothing

There’s an obvious reason Shakespeare’s plays never stray far from popular culture (beyond their conveniently lapsed copyright statuses), and that is the way Shakespeare wrote his characters. His characters, despite their utterances of “thou,” “thee,” […]

Back in a Flash: Barry Allen To Be Introduced on Arrow to Set Up a Flash Spin-off Show, Wonder Woman Show is On Hold

Updated: 7/31/2013 – Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns conducted a conference call with reporters to offer more specifics about their plans to make a spin-off of Arrow focused on The Flash.  Click (or […]

TV News: Rosemary’s Baby, Scream & Legion Being Adapted Into TV Shows, NBC Making Huge Push Into Miniseries Business

Well, gosh.  There’s been a lot of TV news as of late, partially because the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour has been going since last Wednesday and also partially because, well, why not.  As […]