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Luke Cage Binge Report: 5 Things About “Blowin’ Up the Spot” (S1:E8)-That’s Impossible!

The great Luke Cage binge is upon us. Head here to see my reactions to each episode. Keep reading for my thoughts on “Blowin; Up the Spot,” episode 8 of Luke Cage‘s first season.

Which One Is “Blowin’ Up the Spot”?: The one where Luke and Diamondback went to the theater together to take in a show, except they mostly beat the crap out of each other.

The 5 Things That Mattered the Most to Me:

1. They’re actual brothers? WTF?

Hold on. Luke and Diamondback are actually brothers. Is that how it is in the comics? Let’s check Wikipedia...

Nope, not brothers. Maybe Diamondback didn’t mean it literally, more like they were so close they might as well have been brothers.

2. Diamondback is the architect of Luke’s doom

It’ll be nice to perhaps re-watch Luke and Diamondback’s epic fight scene again after the likely forthcoming flashbacks filling in their background. That way we’ll know for sure what the heck they’re talking about, and better understand Diamondback’s claims that Luke is a false idol.

3. Did Luke eat some spinach?

I don’t fully understand how Luke was able to defeat Diamondback in hand-to-hand combat, particularly with the way fight continually turned on Luke’s Hulk Hogan/Wolverine moments where he somehow managed to conjure up newfound strength and resolve. Claire never figured out how to remove the shrapnel from his skin, right? And right when Luke was barely able to stand or breath Diamondback dumped several more bullets in him.

But, I’m forgetting, he’s Power Man, and a total badass. He just fought through the pain, and then promptly died afterward, at least as far as Diamondback knows.

4. You get yo hand off Clarie’s neck, Misty

It’s been a rough couple of days for Misty. Her partner and mentor died around the same time she learned he was as dirty as dirty gets. Her boss was fired, and her new boss is consistently redirecting her efforts toward apprehending Luke Cage. Her police instincts are still sharp enough that she senses Mariah is instigating a covering up with Cotton’s death, but the evidence against Luke is fairly damning. When she walks in on Claire and Luke and offers them a chance to tell their side of the story she is instantly shot at by an unknown assailant, and then taken hostage, taunted and knocked out by that very same assailant, whose words reinforce her suspicion about Luke, namely that even if he didn’t kill Cotton he’s still dangerous.

Claire clamming up and refusing to spill details in the interrogation room was the final starw, but still, um, Misty, get your damn hands off Clarie’s neck. We know and love Clarie from two seasons of Daredevil and her brief appearance in Jessica Jones. We’re still getting to know you, and we just happen to know Claire is right, you’re wrong, at least partially.

5. “I’d hate to bring down the market value”

That’s the kind of villain Mariah is – she’ll plan a potential murder one second, and then preach about property value and historical significance (“It’d be a shame, too. Duke Ellington once stayed in that building”) the next.

On to the next episode: “DWYCK”

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