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Ben Affleck’s Batman To Be Re-Cast or Written Out of the DCEU. He Never Should Have Accepted the Part in the First Place.

Ben Affleck has been sending SOS signals with his eyes pretty much from the moment he agreed to become WB’s new Batman, and his professional and personal life have fallen apart ever since, effectively erasing the […]

A Question Worth Re-Examining: Why Did Ben Affleck Agree to Play Batman?

You could not have picked a better contrast between that which does and does not matter than two days ago when news headlines touting Donald Trump’s immigration ban and firing of the acting Attorney General […]

Review: The Accountant is Secretly the Ben Affleck Batman Movie Everyone’s Been Asking For

Accountant Spoilers below. Ben Affleck is an amazing Batman. It still feels weird to say that, but as it turns out the whole “Batfleck” controversy was actually the least of our concerns over Batman v Superman: […]

The Two Days that Defined the Current State of WB’s DC Extended Universe & Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe

The fate of the superhero movie universe is largely being decided by two Kevin’s, and the wildly differing approaches they took back on two separate October 2014 days tells us a lot about where their […]

Suicide Squad Is Just as Big of a Mess as Everyone Says – A Spoiler-Free Review

Suicide Squad, director David Ayer’s ill-fated supervillain team-up movie, is a $175 million public service announcement explaining why we should all just stop going to the movies for a good long while and instead devote […]

5 Takeaways from the Justice League Set Reports

Uproxx, io9 and various other publications visited Justice League‘s London set last week, and here are 5 key takeaways I took from reading their reports: 1. They Might As Well Call It Justice League: I’m […]

The DC Cinematic Universe After Batman v Superman: A Run-Down of All the Shake-Ups

Hey, have you lost track of all the behind the scenes changes at Warner Bros. in the wake of Batman v Superman‘s, um, let’s say disappointing returns? Well, here’s a quick rundown: It all started […]

Asking Whether Or Not Batman v Superman Is a Box Office Hit Is Asking the Wrong Question

Batman v Superman is a hit, so says comScore box office analyst Paul Dergarabedian. He was but one of several analysts quoted in The Hollywood Reporter‘s recent article “Box Office: The Verdict for Batman v […]

Comparing Batman v Superman’s Box Office Decline to the Dark Knight Trilogy & Marvel Cinematic Universe

After grossing an additional $5.5m in North America this weekend, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now up to $319.5m domestic, $532.1m international and $851.6m worldwide off of a $250m production budget and who […]

Your Weekly Update on How Fast Batman v Superman is Falling at the Box Office

Ever since its opening weekend – it’s opening day, really – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has pulled an Ike from South Park and plunged straight down in an epic impression of David Caruso’s […]