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Teen Titans Go to the Movies Trailer Reaction: A Quick Refresher for Franchise Newbies

Similar to Ant-Man and the Wasp, there are actually two Teen Titans Go to the Movies trailers to digest today, and again it’s because one of them is actually a trailer (or teaser, really) for […]

The Guys Who Made Powerless Now Get to Make a Harley Quinn Animated Series. Is That a Good Match?

Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker and Dean Lorey have just been hired by Warner Bros. to producer 26 half-hour episodes of a Harley Quinn animated series to launch on DC’s stand-alone streaming service next year. According […]

Danny Elfman Says Film Reboots Should Carry Over the Old Musical Scores. Is He Right?

It’s 2003. I’m watching Terminator 3, a sequel to one of my favorite films of all time. Arnold hasn’t been the Arnold of old – undisputed box office king, lovably limited thespian – in ages, […]

Ben Affleck’s Batman To Be Re-Cast or Written Out of the DCEU. He Never Should Have Accepted the Part in the First Place.

Ben Affleck has been sending SOS signals with his eyes pretty much from the moment he agreed to become WB’s new Batman, and his professional and personal life have fallen apart ever since, effectively erasing the […]

Catwoman Has Had More Costumes Over the Years Than You Probably Realize

In the comics, Batman recently proposed to Catwoman, and we have to wait several months to see if she says yes. Of course, if those two crazy kids go through it it will be Bruce […]

R.I.P. Adam West

Adam West has passed away. He was 88 and leaves behind a wife, six children, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He came up on the losing end of a brief battle with leukemia, and reportedly […]

Review: What The Lego Batman Movie Taught Me About Batman (While Making Me Laugh)

The Lego Batman Movie is a relentless deconstruction of the Batman mythos, with an emphasis on “relentless” as this movie so jam-packed with jokes and sight gags it almost becomes annoying. At the very least […]

Batman Almost Didn’t Make It Into The Lego Movie

Darkness. No Parents. And with those three little words Batman managed to steal The Lego Movie and get his own standalone spin-off, in theaters now. This almost didn’t happen. According to Looper, Lego Movie directors […]

A Question Worth Re-Examining: Why Did Ben Affleck Agree to Play Batman?

You could not have picked a better contrast between that which does and does not matter than two days ago when news headlines touting Donald Trump’s immigration ban and firing of the acting Attorney General […]

Review: The Accountant is Secretly the Ben Affleck Batman Movie Everyone’s Been Asking For

Accountant Spoilers below. Ben Affleck is an amazing Batman. It still feels weird to say that, but as it turns out the whole “Batfleck” controversy was actually the least of our concerns over Batman v Superman: […]