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I Just Reached the Halfway Point of Iron Fist’s Second Season. I Have Some Thoughts.

After a rocky first season, Iron Fist returns with a new showrunner, shortened episode total, and tonal course correction. After five episodes, I’m rather unimpressed with what they’ve come up with. Here are my spoiler-lite […]

Season 1 Review: Can You Really Be Mad at The Punisher for Being So Punishing?

Can you really be mad at The Punisher for eventually doing exactly what any TV show about The Punisher would have to? I mean, it’s right there in the title. The dude is going to […]

The Defenders’ Finale (S1:E8): Defenders Disassemble

Well, that was a mess. Many of these Netflix Marvel shows end on rushed and ultimately disappointing season finales, and The Defenders is sadly no different. Try as they might, the story they were telling […]

The Defenders’ “Fish in the Jailhouse” (S1:E7): You Had One Job, Danny

This whole “let’s do The Avengers on Netflix” thing? It’s not working as well as it should, but the culprit isn’t what I expected. Showrunner Marco Ramirez and his screenwriters have successfully melded together these […]

The Defenders’ “Ashes to Ashes” (S1:E6): That’s Insane

It was hoped that by cutting down to an 8-episode schedule The Defenders would avoid hitting the Netflix wall, that there would be no need for wheel-spinning, time-filling episodes with only 8 hours to tell […]

The Defenders’ “Take Shelter” (S1:E5): Let’s Talk About This Show’s Danny Rand Problem

Prior to watching The Defenders I only read one review, and that was over at The AV Club where they took stock of the first 4 episodes (the only 4 made available to reviewers pre-air) […]

The Defenders’ “Royal Dragon” (S1:E4): Dinner for Champs

I’ve been writing reviews for these Netflix Marvel shows ever since Daredevil’s second season, and in that time the shows (or seasons) that have really worked have been the ones where it really pained me […]

The Defenders’ “Worst Behavior” (S1:E3): Hallway Fight Triumphant

Isn’t it kind of strange that hallway fight scenes have become the calling card of the Netflix Marvel universe? Some stunt coordinator obviously saw The Raid: Redemption and decided to put Charlie Cox and stunt […]

The Defenders’ “Mean Right Hook” (S1:E2) – The Reluctant Heroes

I know I shouldn’t be focusing on this. I know I should be geeking out over “Mean Right Hook” finally bringing some of the Defenders together. But, seriously, what was with the camera work in […]

The Defenders Episode 1 “The H Word” – Choppy, Just Like The Avengers

Just finished the first episode. Can I finally say, “Defenders asse…”? Not so fast. We’ve got to set the mood, reintroduce the characters, tie off all of their cliffhangers and chart a new path for […]